Toyota Fortuner – sale in Russia and technical specifications


The name of the new model of off-road vehicle Toyota Fortuner was kept secret for a long time, so a good proportion of viewers of the presentation, held in Moscow, heard about it for the first time. In the Russian manner it is correct to say “Fortuneer”.

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner

Two cars of different colors were shown: white and brown. The first car is intended for sale on the territory of the Russian Federation, the second – exclusively for Arabs. What about the Arabs? Brown Fortuner was brought for comparison and only everything. Both machines are equipped with full equipment and automatic transmission. It is possible to get inside of salon and to look around, however, it is forbidden to drive, it is forbidden.

Let’s proceed to a detailed inspection. There is a confidence that the new Toyota Fortuner will give heat.

General characteristics of Toyota Fortuner

The luggage compartment door is electronically controlled, with some estimates of an opening time of 7 seconds. It rises so high that it can serve as a shelter from the rain. And even if a person is just under two meters tall.
The salon is decorated with soft leather and details under the tree. Plastic parts are simple and rigid, but this is not a premium car. Adjustments and regulators of a steering wheel, armchairs, glasses are easily mastered. Everything is simple enough.

The car doors can be opened at an angle of up to eighty degrees, the footrest is not installed, most likely it will be an optional detail. Thresholds do not overlap completely, there is a risk of getting dirty. There is a notch in the middle of the door, obviously, for grip and further landing.

If the driver’s seat sits very freely and comfortably, the second row of knees strongly rests on the front back. “Kamchatka” car – a place for children or very low people, the average passenger to get there is difficult.

Make-up mirrors are illuminated, and the ceiling handles are covered with microflutes.
In the wheel arches – soundproofing mats, whose appearance, though rough, but not badly in harmony.

A good dozen of cup holders is enough for everyone. You know, with such a set of dishes off-roader resembles a mobile home.
The rear view camera is not protected from dirt in any way.

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner

In general, the basic equipment of the machine is designed for Asian regions rather than Russian regions. Therefore, the management provides for adaptation for our market. The plant in Thailand, from where deliveries are expected, has requirements for the installation of heated winter bags, chrome stability and general adjustments for comfortable travel in bad terrain. What can I do? Our country is famous for its bad roads and low air temperatures.

Technical characteristics of Toyota Fortuner

The era of the bodywork’s distinctive colors is over. Must appear: blue, white, black, gray, brown.
It is possible to look at and appreciate a small range of 17-18 inch wheels. There is no special variety yet.
The tire brand is Bridgestone Dueler 265/60 R18, recognized as a good choice by many autocritics.
The car has diode headlights Be-Beam LED in front. The rear headlamps stand out and shouting, have a visible advantage over the “bloody tears” of Mitsubishi.
The new 2.8 turbo diesel engine has been installed, and the main bet is made and high hopes are placed on it. Power output is 177 hp with 450Nm. It is possible to install the engine on gasoline 2.7 with an output of 163 hp. 246H-m, was the main engine at Prado.

Unfortunately, there is no gas hood support to save production.
First-class durability and unbreakability – the universally recognized qualities of the Toyota Hilux pickup truck become the main feature of the Forchuner. The vehicle is equipped with a virtually impenetrable Heavy Duty frame, which is sure to hold back every blow while the off-roader is paving countless kilometers of broken roads. And what is the cost of the all-wheel drive Part-time, which, according to many drivers, is cut only on slippery surfaces, in another case – you will have to say goodbye to the tyres and dispenser. Toyota Fortuner breaks this stereotype, allowing to use a four-wheel drive mode though on dry road, but with a condition of speed below 100 km/h. The additional radiator will rescue a transmission from undesirable overheating.

– The device of a forward suspension keeps on two cross-section levers near to the five-lever mechanism with the bridge which costs on two screw springs. The spare wheel is placed under the bottom of the car. There is a clear difference from the Toyota Hilux.
– According to the management of Toyota, there are more than 30 variants of interior configuration. The above described inconvenience of rear seats is corrected by simple dismantling.
– The exact volume of the luggage compartment is not yet known due to the lack of certification.
– Toyota Fortuner 2017 is one of the few cars in which the alarm key “ERA-GLONASS” is built in.
– Everywhere adjustments, except the driver’s seat, mechanical. Glass elevators can boast of “automatic”. Folding the seats is done by lowering the lever or tightening the belt.
– The ceiling of the car is equipped with air ducts for climate control, which blow the entire cabin.
– Presence of sockets.

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner


Toyota Venza 2019 in the new body


Traditionally, the automobile brand Toyota is focused on the U.S. market, creating its bestsellers. Parquet flooring Venza is no exception. Initially, it was designed to meet the requirements of North American consumers, and they are distinguished by their demanding cars. Hence, the high level of equipment and technical characteristics of the SUV of urban type, which is now presented in the domestic market.

общий вид

Russian consumer Toyota Venza’s car was greeted with heat. After the official presentation, there was a sufficient number of fans of the new Toyota Venza 2019. This was followed by extremely positive feedback, noting in the new Toyota Venza chic appearance, excellent interior design, technological stuffing, as well as affordable prices. Even the photos of the new car make you think positively about it.

Complete sets and prices

The price of the Venza model 2019 in the new body starts at $27,500, and in its maximum configuration reaches $38,000. This is a weighted price for Toyota Venza, as the technical characteristics are on par with the VIP-class cars.

Depending on the equipment is determined:

  • Price;
  • Transmission type;
  • technological stuffing.

The new version of the Venza model is available in three different configurations, which have completely identical specifications, except for the volume of fuel consumed. That is, the engines have the same power, but different requirements.

вид сзади

As you can see, the cost of each set of equipment in one way or another is in a small range. This is due to the fact that even the basic model has a huge number of features that make any train as comfortable as possible for the driver and passengers.

вид спереди

In general, the prices for the new Toyota Venza are fully justified, as the consumer is provided with a chic car with a lot of additional advanced technologies. In addition, the new Toyota Venza has amazing technical indicators.


This vehicle modification, regardless of the technical characteristics, has the following features:

  • There is a powerful audio system with six speakers that supports AM/FM/CD formats;
  • There is no automatic switching between high beam and low beam;
  • There is no system of simplified starting of the engine by means of a special button Smart Entry & Push Start.

As the Elegance equipment is basic, with the lowest possible price, feedback on its functionality is largely positive.

Elegance Plus

Complete set Elegance Plus is the advanced version of base model, with more perfect functionality:

  • There is a rear view camera with static marking lines;
  • There is a plug-in four-wheel drive with intelligent torque distribution;
  • There is no voice control system;
    No unique premium JBL audio system with 13 speakers.

This version of Toyota Venza is the same basic package, but with some extensions that are not available in the standard version of the machine.


This 2019 edition of the Toyota Venza is top-of-the-line, has the highest possible cost and very useful functionality:

There is a voice control system in place;
There is a navigation system that supports all languages of the world, including Russian and has its own hard drive;
There is a parking system;
There is a powerful audio system of premium class JBL with 13 loudspeakers located throughout the salon for surround sound;
There is no basic audio system with six speakers.

Of course, it is the maximum set of equipment that collects only positive feedback, without any complaints. This is due to the fact that each function allows you to fully enjoy the trip both in the city and in the countryside.


All kinds of technical specifications can be divided into several categories, affecting the capacity of the vehicle and its technological capabilities. However, the cost of the car in any case is influenced by the functionality, and not the type of engine.

Basic functionality

The standard 2019 version of the new Toyota Venza includes many modern features. Thus, Toyota Venza has the following security options:

  • seven airbags;
  • the Hill-start autonomous assistance system;
  • An assistant to the reconstruction;
  • Emergency braking system if necessary;
  • anti-skidding system;
  • Brake system with antilocking function;
  • directional electronic stability system.

In details to study the equipment of salon of Toyota Venza will help a photo in a network the Internet.


Among the main systems of the car Toyota Venza, present:

  • ABS system;
  • TRC system;
  • EBD system;
  • VSC system, providing the vehicle with directional stability.

An important remark is that each option is standard for each Toyota Venza car, regardless of the equipment. Thus, even with the maximum economy of money from the purchase of the car, the consumer will get a car with the highest level of safety.

Possible extensions

Among all sorts of other options of the car, it is possible to note:

  • Cruise control;
  • electronic drive of front row seats with own memory;
  • electronic drive of side mirrors;
  • Tire pressure control system;
  • Careful heating of the windshield;
  • electronic hatch.

In addition, each new version of the car is equipped with reliable fasteners for child seats.

Power characteristics

In the Russian market Toyota Venza 2019 in the new body is provided to the consumer with two different types of engine:

The basic 2.7-liter V4 gasoline engine with a capacity of 181 hp..;
Advanced 3.5-liter petrol engine V6 with an output of 330 hp.

An extremely important point is that regardless of the type of engine installed, each new Toyota Venza, released in 2019, is equipped with a 6-speed automatic gearbox, which does not change the price.

During the trip, every owner can feel:

Dynamic – acceleration up to 100 km/h takes 9.8 seconds;
low consumption – for every 100 km of journey, approximately 9.0 litres of fuel are consumed under mixed conditions.

The engine power can be visually assessed by means of a photo.

In general, feedback on the new vehicle and its technical characteristics is positive. In addition, the cars of the manufacturer Toyota, like any other Japanese company, are a genuine guarantee of quality.