Last door of the last car: Brilliance V3 test drive


“Brilliance Motor opened in Russia in 2013 – at a time when our business community, and not only our automotive community, was flourishing, growing, and hoping. A strong rouble contributed to the development of competition, investors were considering how to strengthen the localization, premium brands were bringing to the market more and more niche and exotic products, which were then washed away by the first crisis landslide. Meanwhile, for the first three years, Brillians Motor was down, discouraging investments, until it finally made a profit in 2016. The next year, the Chinese barely kept a symbolic plus, and in 2018, when neither Russian production at DerVeys nor imports were already in place, when only 39 vehicles were registered for the entire year, of which only two – of this year’s production – were delivered, the Russian office of Brilliance again plunged into abyss of losses, spending 138 million rubles in excess of modest profits. Would it seem like a kayuk? It wasn’t here! Let’s not forget that this carmaker – with a great deal of government involvement, connected with the BMW’s total production capacity, so that the Russian losses are just kopecks, which, probably, do not even pay attention to.

Moreover, last year the only remaining Brilliance car in Russia, the V5 sub-compact crossover, was supposed to be a company again, the V3 sub-compact crossover. We wrote about it in due time, “Brillians Motor” received the Vehicle Type Approval (VTV) for the car in due time, but brought it to the market only in August of this year, and even then – not at the first attempt! The fact is that Brillians received its first certificate for V3 at the end of 2016, but by the time we started supplying the Chinese plant, the supplier of glasses, mirrors and other small items that affect the UFTC had to get a new certificate for sales in Russia.

It follows from all the above that V3 is not the first machine to be fresh, so those who expect some novelty from it compared to V5, the turbo version of which we compared with Suzuki Vitara last year, hope, in general, for nothing. But this does not mean that the market value of V3 is lower than that of V5 Turbo.

In general, under the hood of the novelty there is a heartless and frankly weak 1.5-liter BM15LC engine of its own production, which develops only 107 “snares”. Its slightly weaker version BM15LC was equipped with a small sedan H230, which again did not take root in our latitudes.

The engine is equipped with a manual box JW5F18K, the components of which are produced at a joint venture with Valeo, located in the same Shenyang, where Brilliance assembles and V3. But the automatic hydromechanical box from Hyundai model 5F16 is transported from Macau through the country, where they are produced by Enginstar. It is this box that turned out to be on our test model: it is distinguished from the one that stood on the V5 Turbo by its only enlarged main pair – 3,942 vs. 3,692.

It is alive, but it does not glow…

In the car was the standard seat heating, as was the V5. It would seem that it is not worth mentioning a trifle, but in the time since that test, we have seen that some of the “Chinese” are not. Brilliance saved the owners from having to buy this option from a dealer, which is usually offered not by itself, but as a part of the “divorce package”.

Alas, this function did not work better: the heat spreads quickly, but too unevenly and very strongly: after a few minutes it fries in such a way that it is impossible to sit, and some parts of the pillow remain cold, and the “stove” has to be switched off. By the way, the buttons are not illuminated, and it is difficult to find them. However, at movement it is necessary to do it “blindly” as from a convenient place – near to a selector of “automatic machine” as on V5 – they have moved and now settle down between forward seats, almost at the basis of a pillow, under “poker” of a handbrake.

Some words deserve also devices V3, but, alas, again not “by itself”, and again in comparison with former models Brilliance. No matter how scolded the previous combination, copied from BMW, but, except caustic-blue shade, it did not embarrass anything, but when the Chinese began to invent something, it was not very good. The combination on the V3 is worse because of the blue inner rim, which has become the dominant element that attracts attention in the first place and distracts attention from the numbers. But the white color of the numbers and the risk here is a plus. However, it does not improve the perceptibility of information from the on-board computer with scarce data, where even the average fuel consumption cannot be deduced. In this case fonts were pumped up.

As to possibilities of this “calculator”, it shows only the instant expense and the remained before refueling kilometrage. In any case, those who prefer to stay in the city stream on an equal footing with the other participants of the traffic, it is better to be guided by 12 l/100 km. Is it too much? Yes, but the engine is weak, the crankshaft should be twisted high, which with a solid mass of the car (our baby weighs 1425 kg, that is, a little less than other medium-size European crossovers) will make the driver more often than usual to stop for refueling. For Chinese people high curb weight is a traditional thing. Well, their automobile engineering hasn’t reached the world heights yet, and it’s not fast… As usual, all this turns out to be low payload – 315 kg (for the version with automatic transmission), and what is it – three centners? That’s three fat Russian men under fifty – that’s all. As the three of us sit down, so the place is over…

The seats do not make an impression of throwing – the sane support on the back and on the pillow, at least for a man of medium build height up to 180 cm: if the individual is taller and wider, it will be uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the impression is spoiled by the head restraints, which are in the test model “looseness” on both the passenger and driver’s seats in the longitudinal direction. Not to say that the absence of lumbar support caused any special discomfort: during short trips around the city and two-three-hour trips – the drivers of the above mentioned size will not be bothered by the design features of the seat.

In general, the salon of V3 is as it is expected to be seen by the majority of customers in this segment of the Chinese budget car, or, to put it simply, it does not surprise, although it looks quite decent. Hard plastic, simple mechanisms made for reasons of economy, deaf clicking of the ventilation system flap, which blocks the air intake into the cabin, short range of steering wheel adjustment… But the wiper nozzles are watered in four jets – so they can, if they want to!

But everywhere – here literally everywhere – children’s illnesses are self-diagnosed: say, the opening of the fifth door is very narrow, it is much smaller than the size of the trunk width. Thus – the big loading height and high curb because of what it is inconvenient neither to put cargoes in the car, nor to take out them back. Headlamps are not connected “through the lock” – it seems to be okay, and you can get used to it, but when you turn off the engine, the driver reminds of such a weak squeak that it can not be heard, especially if immersed in his thoughts.

Or maybe it is, turbo…

I must admit that after V5 Turbo I had a hard time communicating with the atmospheric V3, and even with the heavy machine. Acceleration of the car is heavy, mutatory, natural, and it is inconvenient to dose to horror. It feels like when this Korean “machine” came out in circulation, Brilliance engineers were “friends” with the engine, they didn’t want to be “friends” in any way. At intensive speed gain there is a feeling that you pull a sledge on snow, but not on a rope – on a power-consuming spring which “eats” at first a part of effort, stretching, and after sleds will overcome force of resistance to acceleration, adds to them speeds by own compression. There are practically no possibilities of braking, which is strange, because on Korean models the current “hydromechanical” boxes are endowed with this property in due measure.

As a car with a fairly simple design – without the intermediate drive shaft support on the “long” side – the V3 is too sensitive to rutting. Often, the “drum”, which already requires a lot of effort, is pulled out of the hands, but emergency braking does not require any correction of the trajectory, at least if it is carried out in a straight line. Meanwhile, our homegrown Lada Xray has received a support only at installation of the French motor H4M with the Japanese variator, and others (and not only Chinese) still do without it.

Active throttling from somewhere in the underside of the cabin brings a clear whistling sound to the salon. At first I thought I had some kind of aural aberration after a week’s ride in a turbocharged Renault Arkana, which whistles like a whistle-blower from a folk music ensemble… But there is no turbine on the “Chinese”, where does the whistle come from? It remained a mystery to me.

Actually, it is possible to think that Brilliance V3 is a ball of drawbacks. Not at all! The advantages of the car – they are different for every car owner, and it’s as easy to find them at the Chinese novelty as to estimate its wonderful and fresh design. Meanwhile, the feeling of anxiety for the V3 does not leave me: on the one hand, it is supported by JAC S3, which is assembled in Kazakhstan on a full cycle and delivered to Russia without duties, on the other hand, it is a solid one, which has adopted the best features of Changan CS 35 Plus from many famous competitors. In general, it is good that Brilliance is still a state-owned company. So far, such structures are the most stable in the Celestial Empire…


Kia Rio X-Line, specifications, equipment, photos


Kia Rio X-Line. New cars 2018-2019 of the South Korean automobile company Kia, developed exclusively for our country, were added with a modern cross-hatch Kia Rio X-Line.

With its high ground clearance (170mm) and five doors, it looks like an SUV. Appeared on the market in October. In the present information – Kia rio x line photos, video images, the cost in the country, the list of sets of installed equipment, performance indicators of the clone Kia K2 Gross, distributed in China.

Kia Rio X-Line фото сбоку

The assembly of the novelty began in the Northern capital of the car factory “Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus” along with having the same platform of closed cars of the future Kia Rio / Hyundai Solaris.

The technical characteristics of Kia Rio X line allow to judge about the equipment of the car:

  • engines with a capacity of 1.4 litres,
  • 37, 5 kW, 1.6 liter, 123 horsepower,
  • automatic power transmission 6 ICPC, 6 ACCP.

Has double exhaust, front drive. Acceleration is 11.3 seconds. Fuel consumption per 100 km is 5.5 liters. Reaches speeds of 190 km/hour. The Kia Rio X liner engine is started by a button.

Cost of a new Kia Rio X-Line

According to unverified data, the price at Kia Rio X line will exceed 740,000.
It is noted that the presentation of the pioneer of X-Line specialization of the South Korean concern Kia Motors is intended to show the product, individually adapted to the road conditions of our country.

Mechanical blockers for Kia cars Mechanical devices that provide the best and most reliable protection against theft of your favorite KIA car

The basis for this was the numerous wishes of domestic motorists, analyzed by the department of promotion of products of the car manufacturer Kia. Drivers proposed to design Kia models with increased clearance, a form inherent in crossover. The country is waiting for 2-3 new Kia cars.

The appearance of the Kia rio x line 2017 hatchback is caused by several circumstances:

– The second version of the model was made with a closed body, separated by a trunk. Modernity required a hatchback that was independent of the road conditions;
– There was no need for a complete product development – there was a Chinese model Kia K2 Cross.

It was modified with color LED sections of headlamps with lenses, located at the back of the clearance lamps, adapting to Russian rules of operation.

Kia Rio X-Line фото сзади

Kia Rio X-Line Exterior

The new Kia Rio X line looks modern, fashionable, expensive, combining quality indicators of crossover, hatchback. The plastic coverings protecting the bottom parts of the buffer, edges of wheel arches, wings give a car solidity. In addition, we offer the complete sets, which differ by the basic equipment: aluminum disks, air conditioner, fog lights.

Kia Rio X-Line салон

The interior of Kia Rio X-Line

The interior of the Kia Cross salon fully replicates the Kia Rio sedan. The space of Kia Rio is finished with quality durable materials (eco leather), seats of improved design, shapes, equipped with heating. The multimedia system with more than 17 centimeters color, touch-sensitive display is installed.

The navigational device intended for determining the position of the vehicle, selection and tracking of the route of movement is mounted. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allow you to broadcast information and entertainment programs. Rear image control device is mounted, noise isolation is improved. Climate control, a system that controls the distance of the car from surrounding objects (parktronic).

Specifications Kia Rio X-Line

Body parameters of Kia Rio Cross X line correspond to the Chinese model – 4.24 meters long, 1750 mm wide. Kia’s height is more than one and a half meters, the distance between the center of wheels of the front and rear axles is 2600 mm. Clearance is 17 centimeters. For the car Kia Rio Cross 16-inch light alloy wheelbases equipped with rubber 195/55 R16 are developed. Luggage compartment is able to place the load of 390 liters with the seats folded. By unfolding the rear seats (60:40 ratio), it is possible to increase the capacity up to 1075.


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2019


Japanese car companies, in most cases, produce only high-quality vehicles, which are very popular on the world market due to their low cost and excellent quality.

The same number includes Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2019, which, in turn, is a favorite Russian consumer Japanese SUV of impeccable quality. This car became recognizable on the Russian roads long ago due to the characteristic design of the body, repeated in each model.

общий вид

The new concept of the Japanese SUV has significantly improved the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado range. None of the fans of this Japanese brand were disappointed in the fresh model. In addition, the novelty has directly increased the interest of the consumer in the entire range of this car.

вид спереди

In general, the Prado developers have followed the path of improving the performance of previous models, which allowed Japanese engineers and car designers to create a new innovative, and, importantly, unique, platform for this Japanese SUV.

To date, vehicles of this model range have stunning popularity among motorists around the world, including, of course, Russia.


Like all the early cars in this line, the new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2019 model year received a branded design, typical of cars of this model. It is important to note that the following cars also have a similar design:

  • Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 90;
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120;
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 series.

Of course, if you compare the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120, which has been developed over a decade ago, the new car of 2019 has changed significantly. However, the body shape and most of the decorative elements remained exactly the same.

External design

As mentioned earlier, the bodywork of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2019 has not changed much, comparing it with its predecessors, such as the Cruiser Prado 120 or 90. If to estimate the car, without taking, thus, taking into account its previous versions, this car has received registration at level of leaders of the world car market.

вид сзади

The exterior design and equipment are directly dependent on each other. Thus, the appearance of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2019 model year may vary depending on a particular equipment, that is, in the maximum assembly will be more design elements than in the minimum. Among the most notable parts of the body is:

  • the headlight washer;
  • halogen headlights;
  • steel discs;
  • electronic heating of the windscreen in the wiper resting area;
  • electronic side mirrors with electronic drive;
  • a spare full-size wheel under the bottom of the car.

It is important to note that the exterior design of the new Land Cruiser Prado was highly appreciated by professional car critics and car enthusiasts. At the moment you can easily find a lot of positive reviews with the corresponding photos on the Internet. By the way, if you compare the photos of Land Cruiser Prado 120 and Cruiser Prado 150, it is a bit problematic to find out the obvious differences.

Internal design

From the inside, the new Land Cruiser Prado model has changed more significantly than the exterior design. Particularly noticeable changes when comparing the new model with, for example, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120, which was also at one time was extremely impressive.

передний ряд

The most notable elements of the interior are equally important:

  • air conditioning;
  • a modern audio system;
  • six speakers;
  • electronic window lifters;
  • electronic adjustment of the driver’s seat with lumbar support;
  • Second row seat auxiliary ventilation system;
  • polyurethane steering wheel;
  • adjustable steering column in height and outreach;
  • folding mechanism of the second row seats (60:40);
  • front seats with active head restraints.

As you can see, the developers have significantly changed the interior design of Land Cruiser Prado. The list of changes includes reworking of the steering wheel, to which new buttons have been added to control the SUV, as well as the dashboard. On it and the steering wheel you can notice the decorative inserts made of wood, as well as a great smoothness of shapes.

задний ряд

Operating the machine has become even easier with the help of the convenient monitor, which reflects all the parameters of navigation. The presence of four cameras, the image from which is displayed on the monitor, allows you to monitor the driver from all sides.

In general, the interior is finished in luxury style. It is also possible to order leather upholstery for the seats in the cabin. The cabin has a climate system and seat heating. The car of the new model is presented in two types of configuration.

приборная панель

You can evaluate the interior of the car by looking at the corresponding photos of the Prado 2019. Also as an alternative to the photo, it is possible to watch the video drive test of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado from the new series. The same way you can find out what the price of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is now.


In contrast to earlier versions of this brand, for example, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120, the Cruiser Prado 150 (model 2019), received completely new technical specifications. Here it is extremely important to make a reservation that this machine is more of a reworking of the previous version, that is, the development was conducted on a ready-made base.


Cruiser Prado’s characteristics have received the most positive feedback within this model range. Very warmth of the car was met due to the fact that the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado has low fuel consumption.


The new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, the technical characteristics of which are already known to the general public today, is represented by three types of engines: two gasoline and one diesel.


The first petrol engine is as follows:

  • working volume – 2.7 liters;
  • power is 163 horsepower;
  • maximum speed is 160-165 km/h.

The second gasoline engine has the maximum specifications for this model range:

  • working volume – 4.0 liters;
  • 282 horsepower;
  • the top speed is 175 km/h.

The third, last and only diesel engine is the following:

  • working volume – 2.8 liters;
  • 177 horsepower;
  • the top speed is 175 km/h.

Each SUV in this series has an all-wheel drive (4×4). It is also worth noting that the first two sets can be equipped with both mechanical and automatic transmissions. The other Prado 2019 versions are equipped exclusively with a box automatic.

The manufacturer has provided more comfortable and easy operation of such a Japanese SUV and greater safety for the driver and passengers. At high speed, the steering wheel will be tighter due to the fact that it is equipped with a power steering.


The new Japanese Land Cruiser’s frame construction and all-wheel drive, 7 airbags and automatic ride selection make driving as easy and safe as possible for the driver and passengers.

It is worth noting that the engine, which requires gasoline, in any case, gives more power. However, the environmental safety of the vehicle is sacrificed. Despite these nuances, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado gets positive reviews more often than negative ones.


In most cases, each owner of the new version of the Land Cruiser Prado makes positive reviews, emphasizing the high performance and excellent design, attaching the appropriate photos. Also, do not ignore the fact that the new version of the car gets about the same reviews as each predecessor, for example, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120, but maybe with the exception of the first model.


New Volkswagen Virtus: Photos, Features


Officially introduced Volkswagen Virtus is a South American version of the new Polo Sedan Volkswagen. Designers of the German automobile concern Volkswagen are constantly working to improve the production of Volkswagen cars, develop modern models in accordance with the latest production technologies, innovations in car design.

South American Polo Sedan

VolksWagen Virtus

Developed model of Volkswqagen Polo Sedan 2018-2019 Brazilian automakers presented as Volkswagen Virtus

The modern modification of Volkswagen Polo Sedan is based on a passenger car (with 1-2 inline passenger seats, a compartment door for things, a shortened overhang) of the latest design development of Volkswagen with the use of standardized components, parts of the modular transverse matrix.

The proposed sketch contains photos of Volkswagen Virtus, its cost, components, detailed engineering descriptions of the evolutionary specimen of the first-born four-door Volkswagena, specially designed for Russia.

Новый VolksWagen Virtus

The external parameters of the room for accommodation of passengers of the new Volkswagen Virtus car model leave about four and a half meters horizontally, more than one and a half meters wide, about 15 cm high

Implementation of Volkswagen Virtus is planned by the country of assembly in the first month of 2018. The Sedan car has taken its place in the German company’s modeling line in the South American car market between Volkswagen Voyage and Volkswagen Jetta. Unapproved information about the starting price of Polo Sedan in the country indicates the amount of 6500 reals (more than 1200000 rubles).

Modern developments of Volkswagen designers

The use of MQB-A0 in the development of Sedan allowed the designers:

  1. Increase the size of the mavto Volzwagen Virtus, taking for comparison the previous series of Sedan;
  2. Introduce a chassis specially designed for Volkswagen Virtus, with the familiar layout – the front power elements of the car suspension system McPherson;
  3. Install a three-cylinder gasoline powered TSI 1.0 engine with a blower on the Polo Sedan;
  4. Create a modern look for the Volkwagen Virtus 2018 coupe, while increasing reliability by adding high-strength steel to the material;
  5. Equipping the comfortable Volkswagen Virtus 2018 salon with unique equipment;
  6. Expand your Polo Sedan luggage space.

The external parameters of the room to accommodate passengers of the new model of Volkswagen Virtus car leave about four and a half meters horizontally, more than one and a half meters wide, about 15 cm in height. The distance between the front and rear axles is 2650 mm.

The photos presented by the car manufacturer Volkswagen Virtus 2018 show increased external solidity, respectability of the Brazilian version of Virtus, which distinguishes it from previous models.

Implemented Volkwswagen enhancements

The new Polo four-door car has taken from the latest modernization of the family car Volkswagen Polo, manufactured in South America, a part of the car’s front structure, to the middle unit of parts responsible for the stability, integrity of the car, simpler headlights.

In addition – a powerful final construction Volkswagen Sedan with large components of door blocks, installed modern horizontal lighting, showing the drivers of moving traffic width of the car Volkswagen Virtus, semiconductor crystals, which are LED light sources.

Седан VolksWagen Virtus

The interior design of the new VolksWagen Virtus is taken from the Volkswagen Polo hatchback

Modern Polo Sedan Volzwagen looks like a costly car model with an outstanding front end, inspiring respect for the profile with a steel bar that gives rigidity to the construction.

Attention is drawn to the expanded rounded forging wheel cutouts, the luggage compartment lug with reduced drag coefficient, and the dimensions of Volkswagen’s lanterns that fit perfectly into the design.

The interior design of the new VolksWagen Virtus is taken from the Volkswagen Polo hatchback, excluding extended seating space, increased volume of separation of road belongings to the half cube. The previous model of Volzwagen Sedan car had 0.46 cubic meters. The internal space has been increased – the fuel storage capacity has been reduced to 52 litres.

Рулевое управление

Volkswagen body is equipped with a panoramic roof, driver, passengers are protected by 4 elastic, gas-filled, electronically controlled elastic envelopes

The modern Volkswagen Virtus salon is equipped with the most advanced equipment: Active Info Display dashboard with a 26-cm color screen, voice recognition, sound file to text converter with a 20.32-cm colorful video terminal (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Mirrorlin), which is available in the world computer system.

There is a device that checks the distance to the front car, climate control, dividing the air between the driver and the front seat passenger. The Volkswagen Virtus is equipped with a key with an electronic block to get into the cab, a start/stop device, semi-automatic possibility of final stop. Emergency braking and pedestrian detection equipment is used while driving on the streets. In the body of Volkswagen mounted panoramic roof, the driver, passengers are protected by 4-elastic elastic shells filled with gas, electronic stability control.

The first version of the equipment Volkswagen had illuminated pointers, a conventional device that combines a tape recorder and radio, or a video order with a 16.5-centimeter display, a small amount of electronics.

Technical features Volzwagen Polo Sedan

The market is presented by Volkswagen Virtus 2018-2019 with a pair of gasoline engines and a four-cylinder atmospheric 1.6-liter engine with a capacity of 110 hp, traction characteristics 155. Working with single atomic alcohol, the new Volkswagen reaches 86 kilowatts and is equipped with 5 manual gearboxes.

Багажник седана

The truck received an atmospheric 1.6 liter, which has a power of 110 hp, traction characteristics of the engine 155

The three-cylinder engine with external pump 1.0 TSI (84.5 kW, 200 Nm) of the Volkswagen produces 94 kilowatts of power. It is equipped with 6 automatic transmissions. In 9.9 seconds, the car reaches a 100-kilometre mark. The highest speed is over 190 km/h.

Brazilian model of Volkswagen Polo Sedan, named by Virtus, began to assemble on the Volkswagen conveyor in São Bernardo do Campo. It is planned that Volkswagen Virtus 2018 assembly facilities will be located in other countries.



Toyota Carina 2019


Technical characteristics of Toyota Karina anticipated a boom in demand for sports exterior cars, which began in the 70s of last century. Focused on the youthful consumer, body design – a sports sedan (photo of a car are presented below), front or full axle drive solution, fully justified the marketing goals of the company.

And although the production of the last – seventh – generation of Karina ended in 2001, in Japan it is still used as a racing car.

More than 30-year career of “tender, loving” (so translated from Spanish carina) began in September 1970 with the presentation of the first serial model at the Tokyo Motor Show. Each generation of Carina had an intermediate stage of restyling or facelift, making small changes in the exterior, which can be seen in the photo.

Various modifications were equipped with a gasoline or diesel engine. Drive schemes changed, until in 1988, the front axle was fixed to the whole model range.


тойота карина технические характеристики, тойота карина е технические характеристики, toyota carina e технические характеристики, тойота карина ед отзывы владельцев

Тойота Карина ЕД экстерьер
In 1985, the car concern began to produce an ED-class sports sedan, which does not have a common platform with Toyota Karina. Feedback from owners is invariably positive, even rapturous, and quite consistent with the labeling (Exciting Dressy means “exciting”, “luxurious”).

Тойота Карина ЕД вид сзади

A characteristic feature of the model range of Toyota Carina, which exploded the Japanese and European markets, is an external and constructive imitation of the body of the American hardtop style, which is noticeable in the photo.

Тойота Карина ЕД

тойота карина технические характеристики, тойота карина е технические характеристики, toyota carina e технические характеристики, тойота карина ед отзывы владельцев

As for the Toyota Carina specifications, it is a range of models with a common base and major components from the Toyota Crown and improved design of the front body of the universal (pictured below).

Тойота Карина Е

Carina’s return to sportsmanship on the Crown base has brought back this model’s lost fame, which was brought about by the slope in comfort and luxury that began with the fourth generation of Toyota Carina. The decision on the streamline of the front end airflow proved to be the most successful of all, taken earlier or later.

Тойота Карина Е экстерьер 1

The Toyota Karin brand is essentially an export version of the Crown (eighth generation) or the European twin bodywork of Caldin. In the European market it replaced the model of Toyota Carina-2. For the British market it is executed with the right rudder placement. In Japan, the Toyota Carina is also available with sedan and elevatorback bodies.


Toyota Corolla 2019-2020 Overview: Design, Specifications, Prices, Photos, Videos


The new 12th generation Toyota Corolla is very stylish, dynamic and safe. It is full of modern electronics and quite corresponds to the spirit of the time. But is there really no drawbacks in this car?

Toyota Corolla 2019-2020 - вид спереди


Previously, some have said that the “King” of previous generations is a reminder of a reduced “Toyota Camry”. At the time, this statement could still seem controversial. But with the current version of this car, you are increasingly convinced of the correctness of this definition.

Тойота Королла 2019-2020 - седан, универсал и хэтчбэк

Interestingly, previous generations of Toyota Corolla’s “Toyota Corolla” were built on their own platform, and the new car was made on a platform used in models such as C-HR and Prius. Thus, the basis for it was a modular platform with the abbreviation TNGA.

The new Corolla, compared to its predecessors, is more stocky and lower in size. At the same time, its length and width have not undergone any changes. But the car became 30 mm lower. At the same time, the front overhang of the car was underestimated, while at the back it was even slightly higher than previous models. All this in combination with a more sloping roof, gives the car a rather stocky look, which in this case is not a drawback. But it also does its similar to “Camry”, more precisely, on its somewhat reduced copy. Also interesting feature of cars of this generation it is possible to name lateral mirrors on legs.

Wheelbase of Toyota remained the same as before. But the center of gravity was lower. The suspension also underwent changes. On the cars of the twelfth generation Corolla instead of the rear beam there was a multilever. This independent suspension should improve the handling of the vehicle.

Features of the Russian version

It is noteworthy that the Russian version of Toyota Corolla will be slightly different from the European version, which is dictated by the domestic peculiarities of operation. Turkish-made machines will be delivered to our country. In this case, we will only sell sedans, although in other countries, “Korolla” will also be available now in the body of the hatchback and the universal, which was not the case with previous versions of the model.

Тойота Королла 2019-2020 - вид сбоку

“The Toyota, which will be offered to domestic buyers, will have such characteristic differences from the European assembly as

  • The increased clearance of 150 mm against the European 135 mm;
  • The cars targeted at Russian drivers will have a larger washer tank. It will be 4.8 litres;
  • Increased power of rear window heating taking into account the cold Russian climate;
  • Additional air ducts for passengers sitting at the back.
Toyota Corolla 2019-2020 - Передняя оптика (фары)
Toyota Corolla 2019-2020 - Задняя оптика (фары)


While the previous versions of the Toyota Corolla inside looked somewhat modern and ascetic, the new generation literally surprises us with electronic innovations and advanced technical solutions.

Corolla 2019-2020 - Приборная панель

The first thing that strikes your eye as soon as you are in the cabin of the new “Corolla” is the huge display of the multimedia system. However, the given option will be inaccessible in a base complete set of the car in which on a place of the screen there is only a plug. The colour display has on a diagonal seven inches. Thus also there is also a ten-inch projection display that became the real breakthrough for the car of the given class. The multimedia system has two USB inputs, bright decorative lighting in the top equipment. But in the Russian version of the “Corolla” will not be a navigator, as well as protocols Apple and Android. Therefore, drivers will have to install their smartphones on the dashboard in the old way. The top-of-the-range models also have a wireless charger for the phone.

Security and multimedia

The new generation of the “Corolla” amazes our imagination with many modern electronic options. Safety Sense 2.0 is a complete system that includes dual-zone climate control, lane retention, automatic braking and much more. The machine is truly “smart”. It is able to inform the driver of his fatigue, as well as provide information on all road signs. And the climate control recognizes the presence of passengers in the car and where exactly they are. That’s why all the air goes only to places where there are people.

Королла 2019-2020 - Интерьер - Мультимедийная система

It was also the first time that this Toyota model had a dynamic rear-view camera, which made backfacing much easier. This is a very important function, given the size of the car. Now parking in a limited space has become much more convenient and faster.


The interior decoration seems very stylish, modern and, at the same time, laconic and modest. But it is difficult to call the interior itself very convenient. The front seats have rigid headrests and are mounted quite high. In addition, the backrest has no side support. Therefore, when driving long distances, the driver and front passenger are likely to get very tired.

Тойота Королла 2019-2020 - Интерьер - Сиденья

And the back passengers, too, aren’t likely to be much more comfortable. After all, the car’s ceiling has turned out to be quite low, which can cause special discomfort for people of high height. In addition, the rear doors do not open very wide, which also many passengers may not like.

An interesting feature of this car is that the backrest of the front seat is installed only one pocket. And this option is available only in the top versions of the car. It is also difficult to reach the button of seat heating, especially from the strange habit. It has to be literally searched.

The trunk

You should also look in the trunk of the car. It has become larger and now has a capacity of 470 litres. It should hold everything you need. Here you can easily transport not only travel bags and bags, but also a bicycle, prams, bulky sports equipment. Under the luggage compartment floor, there is a repair kit for cars intended for the European market. And Russian versions received a full spare wheel.

Technical characteristics
Engine and gearbox

“The latest generation of Corollae will be offered with both a variator and a traditional manual transmission. In addition, the Japanese carmaker, which is known to take care of the global environment, will produce such cars not only with conventional gasoline engines, but also with hybrid ones.

Toyota will be sold in the following versions:

Hybrid 1.8 liters engine with 122 hp, which is not available to Russian drivers;
Hybrid 2.0 hp engine with 180 hp, which can also be bought only in Europe;
Gasoline atmospheric engine of 1.6 liters with 122 hp.

It is the latter option that will be the only one available in Russia. Thus in our country it is possible to buy “Toyota”, both with a variator, and with a mechanical transmission.

Toyota Corolla 2019-2020 - Белая

This version turned out to be quite normal for the city cycle. But in the countryside the engine paired with a variator seems weak. The engine starts to cry already on rather small turns. Thus even 90 km/h seems for such machine practically limiting speed. Further it accelerates not too fast. Therefore, overtaking on such a car seems quite problematic. And the engine roar is incredible! The only positive thing about the atmosphere of 1.6 liters for Russians is that it can run on 92 gasoline without any harm.

Despite the fact that in Europe it is expected that about 80% of sales of Corolla of the twelfth generation will be on hybrid modifications, in Russia such cars will most likely never be officially sold.

Suspension and behaviour on the road

Toyota Corolla, as expected, turned out to be quite a rolling car. But at the same time it behaves confidently on the road. In corners the car does not roll and quietly keeps a trajectory. It differs rather smoothly and easily overcomes unevenness. Now, when driving on an uneven road, drivers do not have to experience shocks in the steering wheel, as the steering rack received a damper. This is especially important for Russian drivers, most of whom will have to operate their vehicles on roads that are not ideal as abroad.

Despite the fact that the car looks more aggressive and, as it were, close to sports uniforms, its aerodynamics leaves much to be desired. But for a car of this class it is not the main factor. In fact, it is designed most of all for a more quiet ride and is designed for people who do not want to prove anything to anyone on the road. They have long proved everything to everyone and only emphasize their high status.

Complete sets and prices in Russia

Toyota Corolla - Комплектации

The latest generation of this model of the popular Japanese car turned out to be very stylish and equipped with the latest technical ideas. But also its price for this reason has increased significantly. In Russia, the cost of such a car starts from about 1,173,000 rubles. And if you are lucky, you can buy “Toyota” for such money only in the basic configuration, which does not differ with a chic set of functions, and with the ICPC. The car with a variator will manage to cost buyers approximately on 200 000 rubles more expensively. And those who wish to get “Korolla” only in the maximum complete set, it is necessary to pay for not less than 1 700 000 rubles.

But is it worth saving for the new Corolla? The car, of course, turned out to be of high quality and good quality. But the price for it, as it seems, is a little overstated. After all for much smaller money it is quite possible to look to itself, for example, Skoda Octavia or Kia Cerato. They cost cheaper at practically the same set of functions. But to buy or not to buy a new creation of Japanese – everyone, certainly, decides for himse


Renting a car with or without a driver in Kiev: how profitable it is


Kiev is a European city visited by tourists and business people every month. You can get from one point to another by public transport or by your own car, if you have one. If you don’t have your own transport, and you don’t want to use the overcrowded subway, you will be helped by renting a car on favorable terms. The service is available in several variants.

The first one is with a professional driver, and the second one – a person gets behind the wheel of a rented car by himself. It is enough to leave an online application form or just call a multichannel phone number. A qualified manager will promptly prepare the necessary vehicle.

This service is popular

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It is not only tourists who need to rent a car of a certain class quickly.

For example, an important business meeting is planned. A person wants to make a pleasant impression, so guests are welcomed in a luxury car.

The second situation is a planned solemn event or a trip with friends. For a large company, a passenger car is not suitable, so do not do without a large rental car.

The third situation – guests of Kiev are planning to see the sights. To get from Sofiyivka Square to the botanical garden, from Podil to Mariinsky Park is better by car. So you can see many famous monuments of the city. It is enough to rent a car together with a professional driver to enjoy the scenery.


Prompt execution of the order

The company RentDrive, engaged in renting out cars of different classes, will allow to solve the problem in a short time. The company’s own car fleet includes passenger cars, SUVs, minibuses and so on. Each car is subject to mandatory control. In the beginning, the contractor will make sure of the proper technical condition, and then hand it over to the client. Depending on the customer’s wishes, the car rental is supplemented by various options. For example, the machine is equipped with an armchair for transporting children.

Every customer receives mandatory insurance and professional support 24/7. In the event of a technical malfunction, the contractor will promptly replace the machine. Details will be explained by the manager at the stage of order placement. It is enough just to apply. You can receive and return the machine at any convenient time. The client does not need to adjust to the schedule of the company.