Toyota RAV4 2019


For the first time, the new fourth-generation Toyota RAV4 crossover was presented in New York City and immediately won the sympathy of visitors with its shapes, innovations in design and characteristics. Special attention in the updated car should be paid to the new technical characteristics and how they fundamentally differ from earlier modifications.

It is important to note that the Toyota RAV4 has received the most positive feedback since its introduction due to its availability and excellent performance. As a rule, the minimum equipment of the new Toyota Rav 4 will cost the Russian consumer 1 million 299 thousand rubles. More expensive modifications have greater functionality, which, however, does not differ much from the basic options of the car.

вид сзади

The power of the Toyota RAV4 and the equipment are directly dependent on each other. Thus, the more power a car has, the higher its price will be. In addition, the type of transmission installed in the car plays an important role in the price. The car will be relevant until 2019, which will be confirmed by every owner.

Prices and equipment

Complete sets and prices, unlike earlier versions of Toyota Equal 4, have not changed much. In general, the changes come only from the fact that the new model of the machine has advanced technology, combined with a high-quality design and excellent performance.

Russian official dealer Toyota Motors provides a new car Toyota Rav 4 in seven different configurations:

  • Classic – from 1 million 29 thousand rubles;
  • The standard is from 1,459,000 to 1,601,000 rubles;
  • Comfort – from 1 million 607 thousand to 1 million 850 thousand rubles;
  • Prestige of Black – from 1 million 897 thousand to 2 million 41 thousand rubles;
  • Prestige – from 1 million 902 thousand to 2 million 49 thousand rubles;
  • Exclusive – from Br1 million 972 thousand to Br2 million 116 thousand;
  • Safety prestige – from 2 million 24 thousand to 2 million 168 thousand rubles.

It is important to note that the cost of cars, except for the basic equipment Classic, depends directly on the power unit installed under the hood. Thus, the more power, the higher the price. At the same time, the cost is also affected by the technological filling and the degree of functional equipment.

задний ряд

The most comfortable models of Toyota Rav 4 in the new body, for example, the maximum modification, has a high cost, which, however, according to the owners and critics fully pays for itself. That is, buying an expensive car from this range, you can not worry about the money spent.


The novelty of the model range Toyota RAV4 began to be sold in Russia on 21.11.2015, as it was announced by the manufacturer of this car. The vehicle is available with a gasoline engine or diesel engine. At the same time, diesel-powered vehicles have significantly higher costs associated with increased power and performance.

All possible specifications of Toyota Equal 4 models 2019 are related to the following engines:

  • a gasoline 2.0-liter engine with 146 horsepower;
  • Gasoline 2.5-liter engine with 180 horsepower;
  • Diesel 2.2-liter engine with 150 horsepower.

It is important to note that several transmission options were also presented, namely:

  • manual 6-speed gearbox;
  • automatic 6-speed gearbox;
  • stepless variable speed gearbox, designed specifically for the model range.

As a rule, a 2.0-liter engine is combined with a manual transmission and variator. The 2.5-litre petrol engine and 2.2-litre diesel engine are combined exclusively with an automatic transmission type.


Despite the fact that the new car has not changed much in terms of technical characteristics, the body appearance has undergone significant improvements. Toyota RAV4’s restyling touched on almost every detail of the car, radically changing the shape and shape of the body, while retaining the overall concept of the model range.


The main legal innovations include the following changes:

The nasal part has been thoroughly developed;
All installed dimensions, daytime running lights and stop lights are now equipped with LED lighting;
The optical elements have become somewhat similar to another model – Yaris.
All kits were fitted with xenon filling;
The trunk was opened vertically;
The radiator grille seems to complement the overall design of the hood, both in terms of style and shape.

The new vehicle will now be available to potential users in nine bodywork styles. In addition, two completely new and unique colours for the Toyota RAV4 range are available to choose from, depending on personal preferences.


It is noteworthy that some parts of the body, despite the radical restyling, remained intact. Such components include, for example, familiar rims and wheel arches.


Continuing to analyze the new Toyota RAV car in the fourth year of 2019, we can also note the significantly updated technological stuffing. In the early version of the electronics left much to be desired, while the restyling model has found the latest advanced technology and simply irreplaceable, to date, systems.

приборная панель

Among the main innovations of the Toyota RAV4 are the following:

  • new systems that completely replace the old functionality;
  • New bright dashboard lighting without irritating the driver’s eye;
  • A new 4.2-inch infotainment display has been added to the centre console;
  • The steering wheel is now multifunctional, regardless of equipment;
  • There is a panoramic view function, working with four specialized cameras that provide 360-degree visibility.

Of course, these technologies are not all that the new Toyota Rav 4 2019 provides. For more thorough acquaintance it is recommended to visit the official site of Toyota Motors in Russia or to address to the official dealer with corresponding questions.


A special mention in the restyled version of Toyota Equal 4 is worthy of the IDDS system, which greatly simplifies the entire process of driving, regardless of terrain and conditions.


The IDDS Dynamic Control System provides the Toyota RAV4 car owner:

  • Improved running characteristics of the machine;
  • the best tyre grip on the track surface;

Thanks to this innovation, every Toyota Pav 4 owner receives an absolute guarantee of stability, stability and dynamism. In addition, as evidenced by the owner’s feedback, this system gives the driver only the pleasure of driving when driving.

Learn this and many other features you can watch the video of Toyota RAV 4 2019 test drive in the Internet. In addition, the network can be considered Toyota Rav 4 in detail in the photo.