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Hey, there! My name is Cris W.Obama and I’m obsessed with travelling especially in Spain. Ever since I visited the country, I’ve become a frequent guest. On this blog you’ll see which places i visited and my travel guides.

2021 Mercedes-AMG GLE63 S Bolts to 60 in 3.4 Seconds

7/31/20 UPDATE: This review has been updated with test results. Mercedes practically invented the factory-built high-performance luxury SUV in 1999…

7 hours ago

Renault Dokker left the Russian market

The Dokker compact van will no longer be sold in Russia. This was reported by "Autostat" with a link to…

9 hours ago

What parts to buy for a rainy day, and what not worth it

In an era when only Zhiguli, Muscovites and Volga drove along the roads of the country, diluted with a certain…

13 hours ago

Fraudsters have come up with a new scheme to deceive buyers when selling used cars

There were reports in the press about a new type of fraud in the sale of used cars. Cunning guys…

16 hours ago

Renault Kaptur 2020: platform – old, turbo engine and CVT – from Arkana. Atmospheric 2.0 – for scrap

The main advantage of the new "Capture" was the "modular SUV platform of the next generation", however, presenting the car…

20 hours ago