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On the roads of Russia you can often see the new white Solaris. This is due to the fact that a white modification of the Hyundai Solaris car, which at first glance seems quite unremarkable, was recently released. But an experienced person will immediately see similarities with the Genesis sedan and Elantra’s representative car.

The difference is only in size. At the moment for Hundai Solaris a modification of white color is available, as well as 7 more shades for the body, but in the near future it will be possible to see the car in two more variants.

The sedan of the model under consideration was well bought for 6 years of production, and last year it took the first place in the sales ranking with the result of 90380 cars. Koreans still decided to upgrade the car and launched production at a factory near St. Petersburg, thus presenting the second generation of Hyundai Solaris. Changes on the outside compared to the previous series are difficult to notice with the naked eye, as the difference in size is very small: the width and length of the car differ from the old version only by 30 mm.

As for the price, it is possible to get Hyundai Solaris white for 600 thousand rubles in the most simple complete set, but it is necessary to add 100 thousand more, and the car will be more and more similar to expensive foreign car in terms of comfort. The average price of a car in a more optimal configuration is about 750-800 thousand rubles. If the buyer wants maximum comfort, he will have to spend about 900 thousand rubles. It can be concluded from this that the car is not so budgetary. It is possible to explain the price increase by the fact that already in the basic configuration there are many useful tools.

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Hyundai Solaris

Hyundai Solaris

This includes 2 airbags, the ERA-GLONASS navigation system and an option to monitor tyre pressure. The functions received for an additional fee are impressive, but if you don’t want to overpay, the initial version is quite capable to arrange a rude motorist. Pay attention to the interior of the car by Hyundai Solaris white, whose photo shows that the car as a whole looks beautiful. Here there is heating of the steering wheel all over the diameter, it is quite a convenient function in the cold season. In the extended versions, the steering wheel is covered with leather, but in the basic version it is necessary to be satisfied with small size. Automatic window lifts are available only at the driver’s door, the rest are manual. The side mirrors are quite narrow.

Compared to the previous generation, there is more space in the cabin in width and length, but behind the taller people will be prevented from enjoying the ride by the low roof. A driver with a large body in this car will feel comfortable. His legs will be almost in a straight position. The multimedia system, capable of interacting with Apple and Android smartphones, is available only in the maximum configuration, and in the base and average remains to use an ordinary radio, which works after the ignition and is able to maintain the volume of music when turned off.

Emergency system ERA-GLONASS is equipped with all models of the car in question, but for additional opportunities to pay another 20 thousand rubles. So, the central armrest becomes available in an average complete set, and access without a key and heating of seats behind it is possible to receive only in the most advanced equipment of Elegance.


Old Solaris was difficult to keep at high speeds due to problems with steering and rear suspension. There were also other minor drawbacks such as low smooth running and poor noise insulation in the interior. In the new model, manufacturers tried to eliminate these shortcomings, but they were not completely corrected.

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