Volkswagen Multivan 2017 test drive of the new Multivan


Volkswagen Multivan 2017 is the sixth generation of Volkswagen Multivan – or “cartoon”, as Russian motorists affectionately call it. The new Volkswagen Multivan doesn’t look like the first cult generation of Volkswagen T1, which has become a favourite among informal, surfers and hippies. The ancestor of the first Volkswagen was simple in appearance. The new Multivan T6 is monumental form, frontal diode devices of this classic family car of Volkswagen car concern look harsh.

Volkswagen Multivan 2017

Volkswagen Multivan 2017

It is necessary to recognize – the main fees in the sphere of sales of commercial cars popular among travelers and entrepreneurs of the German brand makes not Volkswagen Multivan, but more practical and democratic in value. Volkswagen Transporter and Caravelle – on European routes and delight their owners in the line of minibuses Volkswagen – Multivagen – is a step higher, it is a premium class. In an expensive complete set cost VW Multivan T6 approaches to 5 million roubles that is not a limit – there is a version of Multivan in the price list for 6,5 million.

Exterior Volkswagen Multivan

The basic sizes of a body of brutal colours, wheels with cast disks give Volkswagen Multivan solidity and severity. From “trinkets” in the exterior of Multivan only chrome strips on the grille and boot lid, present in the top equipment Multivan T6. And the exterior is not important in Volkswagen Multivan – a practical German car is not to admire it. The main thing is in the salon VW Multivan T6.

Volkswagen Multivan T6 Salon

Volkswagen Multivan does not have hatches and door windows in the most complex configuration of various options. Everything else is present – the car all-wheel drive 4Motion with automatic connection, locking the rear differential, management of the multimedia system in Multivan T6 – is made by voice.

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Sliding electric drive side doors Volkswagen Multiven are very convenient – controlled by a key chain and keys on the dashboard. Huge door equipped with a special sensor blocking motion in the presence of obstacles, closing, not pinching either baby or pet. Electric rear door at Multivan T6 – has a large amplitude and good speed when lifting – if zazed, sensitively hits the chin, when opening it is better to make a couple of steps back. There is a complete set of Volkswagen Multiven with swing doors.



The driver’s seat in the Volkswagen Multivan T6 2017 is carefully designed. As soon as the driver adjusts the seat and mirrors in his own way, he feels as if he was born in the Multivan T6. The leather steering wheel and lever handle of the seven-stage DSG robot box lie comfortably in the palm of his hand. Ergonomically thick, with optimal stroke length – the switches under the steering wheel are located where they are easiest to reach by hand.

The large touchscreen display in the Multivan T6 shows brightly, clearly. The logical arrangement of handles, keys, buttons – just to understand, get used to them, they are a little bit, only necessary. All over the salon Volkswagen Multivagen T6 enough gloves, various compartments for trifles. Under the rear passenger seat there are a lot of drawers.

Panels of this tested version of Volkswagen are stylized in the American spirit – spotty “as a nut”. Thanks to the colouring, the interior of the Multivan T6 is similar to that of an expensive yacht, not to that of a commercial Volkswagen beads.

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The peculiarity of Volkswagen Multivan T6 salon is the possibility of various transformations: driver’s and front passenger seats with two-color leather upholstery in T6 are unfolded, they can be completely removed. The same is true of the sofa – by dismantling it, you can turn the car into a truck, which is a pity to do a little bit – the carpet will get dirty.

For rear passengers, Multivan T6 has a mobile table with pockets for small things at the base, it moves back and forth, conveniently rotates a rounded tabletop – on the way you can make notes and work on a laptop. Especially the ergonomic space of the Volkswagen Multivan T6 interior becomes more ergonomic when the rear seat is pushed back to the maximum – the legroom becomes more spacious than in a top-class Maybach car. This reduces the space in the luggage compartment of Multiven, but it is quite enough for a large sports bag there.

Volkswagen Multivan Т6

Volkswagen Multivan Т6

For passengers, Volkswagen equipped the new Multivan with individual climate control systems, bulbs, sockets and curtains on the windows. The new Volkswagen Multivagen T6 is undoubtedly comfortable. The multimedia system interacts with smartphones and other external devices. There is a Good Night package that turns the car into a sleeping place. An additional option is a thermal box that cools food and keeps it hot.

Multivan T6 running characteristics

Diesel engine Volkswagen Multivan T6 – 2.0 liters, with two turbines (the most powerful of diesel engines – the most powerful) has a capacity of 180 hp, perfectly pulls a cargo minibus. There are variants of Multivan with gasoline engines, however, we took a test drive of Volkswagen Multivagen diesel.

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Due to the fact that originally VW Multivan was conceived as a commercial vehicle – the new Volkswagen Multivagen T6 is clumsy. This is partly offset by adaptive shock absorbers. Rigidity of shock-absorbers in new Volkswagen Multiven changes during movement, but at moving of the “lying policeman” riders will feel a sensitive blow. On a flat road Volkswagen Multivan T6 soars – driving does not bring the slightest discomfort, it is pleasant to keep a way to new adventures in faraway edges. Pendant Multivan T6 is good, without excess softness – does not shake the soul. In German, Volkswagen Multivan T6 is comfortable in operation, reliable in operation – thanks to the symbiosis of ergonomic and driving qualities improved by decades.

Volkswagen Multivan is able to compete only with Mercedes-Benz V-class, but it is more expensive – more comfortable, more elegant. The new Multivan T6 – the house on wheels, respectable, hi-tech, harmonious design – is attractive for travelers, people traveling on the highways on business. The principal task to provide the maximum comfort to the driver and demanding passengers in Multivan T6 car concern Volkswagen AG solved brilliantly. German quality, coupled with the constant improvement of Volkswagen cars, as always, gave us a great result, which appears before us as the new Volkswagen Multivagen T6 2017 model year.


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