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The new generation of Toyota Prius is a new, unique and very practical range of cars that are very popular with a large number of motorists. The new car has been subjected to quality restyling of almost every key detail. Designers of the car tried not to change the whole image much, limiting themselves to just a few strokes that make the car truly unique.
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Overall, the new Toyota Prius has changed:

  • design;
  • technical characteristics;
  • capacity;
  • technological stuffing.

In addition, the new car received its own equipment and prices, which, in turn, collect extremely positive feedback from owners and critics.


The 2018-2019 Toyota Prius was released in a completely new bodywork, designed in a modern way, taking into account the most popular user requirements. Thus, the designers of Toyota Motors created a beautiful car with a streamlined body and elite interior.

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You can see the details of the car in the photo.


In general, the new car has received a huge number of unique innovations, both in its own model range of Prius, and in each other car from this manufacturer. Among the main features can be noted the following:

The air inlet in front of the car has become more visible and has a dark strip at the top;
The bumper has been reconfigured and has been given a different shape to allow for the installation of fog lights;
The body has received numerous bends, making the new car truly unique, compared to earlier cars from the same company;
external lighting has undergone global changes that have made the experience of driving a car much more colourful in the dark.

Judging by the car as a direct relative to other Toyota Motors cars, one can notice a clear desire of the company’s engineers to make a unique sedan with its own features, but with compliance with branded details.

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In the photo it is possible to see the details of the car’s lighting equipment.


As in the case of most Toyota cars, the Prius 2018-2019 model has a surprisingly high quality interior. The main interior decoration is made of high quality and durable materials. It is important to note that quality materials are also used in the engine design, which increases the technical characteristics and operating time.

приборная панель

For a detailed inspection of the salon it is recommended to watch the corresponding photos and videos on the Internet.


The seats are equipped with some additional functions, the availability of which is determined by the equipment and, consequently, the cost. Among the main innovations can be referred to:

A modified dashboard to facilitate driving;
an extremely convenient central console with additional functions;
compact gearshift lever;
three-spoke steering wheel;
Multimedia modern system with clear touch control.

Among other things, it is important to note that the new Toyota Prius 2018-2019 showroom has significantly increased in size, providing more space for the driver and passengers. This feature is unique, as sedans usually have a small saloon. In addition, the car, despite the technical characteristics, is equipped with a small engine.

During the journey, comfort is also facilitated by the size of the trunk, allowing you to carry large loads without problems. In addition, the luggage compartment can be expanded, which can be seen in the photo.


Toyota Prius, as positively noted by the reviews, received its own size, which is the latest design difference from the early cars. Thus, the car of 2018-2019 has:

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The length is 4550 mm;
The width is 1770 mm;
height – 1490 mm.

The ground clearance and wheelbase have not undergone any special changes in comparison with earlier cars. However, the technical characteristics of the machine’s load capacity have still been relatively increased and have been separately noted by owners and critics through positive feedback.


The weight of the new car is 1280 kg in the basic version and 1350 kg in the case of a car with charging from the Prius PHV network.

Photos representing the size of the car can be easily found on the Internet.


Complete sets


To date, the official cost of the Toyota Prius 2018-2019 model year in the new bodywork in Russia is not known. However, there is accurate information that in European countries the car has a price of 25 thousand 32 dollars.

Of course, as in the case of early cars, the Toyota Prius car is presented in several different configurations with its own unique features. In addition, depending on the equipment is determined not only by the technological stuffing, but also the presence of some visual details.

As a rule, the technical characteristics of the machine are not connected with the complete sets and their cost.

Despite the fact that the price for each new car is an average for the world car market, there is nothing special in the car. However, when buying this car, the consumer should know that he buys a hybrid Toyota Prius car of 2017-2018 model – this in itself increases the cost of the car.

The type of each car is shown in the corresponding photo.

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The new car, as mentioned earlier, has its own specifications directly related to the hybrid engine.

The engine is a highlight of the car, which distinguishes the new model Toyota Prius from other models of hatchbacks. The Toyota Prius hybrid has a fairly high performance for this class of car.

Toyota Prius has an atmospheric, as well as gasoline and standard engine – 2 pairs of high-performance cylinders, which have 16 valves and a volume of 1.8 liters. It is worth noting the following features:

The engine is capable of producing 99 hp at a compression level of 13.5 units;
The engine power is 82 hp;
The torque is 207 Nm;
The motor is powered by a special nickel-hydride high-performance battery, which has increased operating power of 6.7 A / h.

Toyota Prius model 2017-2018 has extremely positive feedback from owners, who distinguish it:

  • ease of operation;
  • engine stability during operation.

In the photo you can see the engine, its appearance inspiring confidence


Among other things, it is important to note additional features.

Modes of operation

Toyota Prius’ specifications also include the ability to switch off the new gasoline engine when stopping and a choice of 3 driving modes, such as

EV DM mode – suitable for short journeys. This mode makes it possible not to switch on the gasoline engine when it is necessary to overcome a short distance of up to 2 km.
PM – used for driving on the road.
ECO Mode – used for long journeys without frequent stops.

As a rule, feedback from owners and car critics indicates a clear superiority of the car over early models, as well as in the case of other modern cars.

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