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Despite the fact that this model first appeared in 2007, despite the changes, the car has not lost its zest. Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is a real legend, about which we will talk below, we will discuss that all the same it has been affected during the change of generation that was updated after restyling in 2012 and 2015.

After all, the new body, as a matter of fact, did not try on, the outlines were adjusted only by separate decorative parts. In addition, at the end of you expect a detailed test drive.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 дизайн


The new Toyota SUV Land Cruiser 200, which came to us in 2015, was slightly redesigned in front, it was expressed in a simply different grille, and revised bumper. The rest of the way, the design stays true to tradition, except for some single moments on the body.

For the restyled Kruzak, the front end, as already mentioned, was fitted with a grille and bumper. Despite noticeable changes, the optics remains the same, except for the appearance of other stuffing.

The grille resembles classic American jeeps, in particular Dodge with their corporate style. Most likely, the last restyling was done with a focus on the American market. The most presentable appearance of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 creates the Executive Black version, in which partly changes the chrome to black.

Tuning Toyota Land model Cruiser 200 touched the side, where they were able to offer a different tripod. And the changes touched not only the externally adjusted forms, but also the technical part. After all, it is not uncommon for this particular mechanism to fail.

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And the discs of Toyota Land Cruiser model 200 became more expressive, though not quite combined with a huge SUV. Rulings, wheel arches ledges, all these branded moments on the “bodywork” remain.

The back part, probably, even has slightly added dimensions, the sizes have grown a little or there is such distortion because of the updated bumper, more precisely its lateral structure. The rest is a classic jeep, with a high landing, tilted stern and a huge boot door. A spoiler on the lid, which has already become a traditional attribute, is also distinguished.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 вид сзади


In the salon Toyota Land Cruiser 200 on the photo it is clearly seen that they tried to move away from the “Prado”. The model stands out now by the interior design more globally, which was not observed earlier.

On quality of furnish there is nothing to say, yet premium look and here try to please the client as much as possible. Here reigns the atmosphere of luxury, prosperity and harmony, everything is in its rightful place, each key, each control has its own considered area of location.

The “Dashboard” is built in a classical style, with two huge “wells”, in more expensive versions it is possible to establish even the virtual panel as an option, but it in such aggressive design absolutely is not combined. The steering column is not spoilt with control keys, but all that is necessary here is still there.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 интерьер

The central console is headed by a classic 9-inch monitor, which includes the most advanced multimedia system and a lot of other various puzzles. Under it the control unit occupying almost all plane up to the tunnel is placed.

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By the way, the tunnel is relatively new, reshaped the location of the keys, removed some of the options, moving them higher, and here left only the most necessary. Excellent decor under a tree is executed, especially in a combination to seats stylized under peach colour.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 салон

The seats do not cause rejection, here it is convenient to sit even on the most crowded “gallery”, where two full seats. The middle row presents a comfortable sofa with a well thought-out profile. Several new modes of adjustment, improved side support, as well as pillow rollers received in front of the chair after the update.


The technical characteristics of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 have not changed significantly, but there is still one gasoline engine and its colleague, but from the diesel family. So, the power plant has 4.6 liters of working volume, which allows it to generate at least 309 hp.

The torque in peak values reaches more than 439 Nm. Diesel version, having the same working volume, produces only 249 hp, but has more than 600 Nm. torque. The engines are paired only with the proven 6-range “automatic” and all-wheel drive transmission.

By the way, the transmission was updated with Toyota Land Cruiser 200 clutch discs and some off-road assistance systems, which makes the car feel more confident. Fuel consumption could not be significantly reduced, more than 14 liters at the mixed cycle on a gasoline engine and not less than 8 liters on a diesel engine.

As for the design of the platform, here changes have affected only the suspension and in the tiniest size, because the dimensions have not changed significantly. The suspension is completely independent, the body is held on the basis of two parallel levers on each side of the front, and behind the continuous bridge and springs with the thrust of Panama.

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To all surprise, among the features of the car’s equipment, we get a steering mechanism with an outdated hydraulic booster. Perhaps, his past merits have been taken into account and decided not to invent anything new.

The brake system is provided by the leading ABS complex adapted for all types of roads, also in the “base” is installed EBD, ESP and the sea of various assistants.

Complete sets and prices

For the Russian market, as well as before, three sets of equipment were provided. For Toyota Land Cruiser 200 the minimum price will be 2,999,000 rubles this year.

In the basic equipment it is accepted to include a scattering of airbags, two-zone climate, LED optics, several weather sensors, five assistants, an electric package.

More equipped versions, the cost of which exceeds 3,852,000 rubles. additionally receive leather interior, four zone climate, heated chairs, ventilation, parktronic, multimedia.

Top performance will cost no less than 4,159,000 rubles for this price Toyota Land Cruiser 200 from 2019 will get a navigator, adaptive “steering wheel”, all-round visibility, rear door drive, control of “dead” zones.

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