The Ford Tourneo Courier hasn’t changed much


The Ford Tourneo Courier was first displayed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013. Since then, the manufacturer has been gradually making changes to its child. The last time it was planned to hold a full facelift of the model. It hasn’t undergone any major changes, and now there are new photos of the updated passenger car in the networks. The tubular safety frame of the car has undergone a noticeable transformation, and the novelty is being tested in the Alps. The utility car is still being actively developed, confirming the fact that the chassis are constantly improved in the conditions of mountain roads. In fact, Tourneo Courier is the most modest family passenger and cargo vehicle, which is equipped with either a liter version of the EcoBusta with 100 horses inside or a liter and a half of diesel engine with 75 horses.

Ford Tourneo Courier

Ford Tourneo Courier

Most of the changes in the machine were related to technical stuffing. This included steering, brakes, powertrains and most importantly, on-board electronics. On the front panel the Tourneo received a full information and entertainment system. By the way, this system was updated only a few days ago, and its basis was the system of previous generation Tourneo.

Ford Tourneo Courier

Ford Tourneo Courier

Depending on the equipment of this Ford will be transformed and its salon. By the way, in several variants there is a retractable multimedia panel, and in others there is a smartphone docking station. The power units have not changed much, only their torque has been increased. This, in turn, allowed to achieve fuel economy and significantly improve driving characteristics of the vehicles. Electronics will find a transformation in the security system. It is quite likely that the manufacturer will provide its child with a night detector for detecting pedestrians, an intelligent speed limiter and a function of reading traffic signs. It is worth expecting changes in the multimedia complex, where the display diagonal will be increased and a couple of functions will be added for a full system docking with a smartphone. Ford tourneo reviews can confirm the plausibility of all the expected innovations, however, it will have to wait a little longer for the manufacturer to release his big guy on the global automotive market.

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