Tesla Model X – test drive


The Tesla Model X is a truly unique car that deserves attention. Among all the cars that were tested by the world-famous experts from NHTSA, this model has yielded in terms of safety only to a significantly expensive and representative model of the class “S”. It is worth noting that this model after the safety test received a score of 5.4 points, which is even impossible by the rules. This test showed that safe and reliable cars can be not only the representatives of expensive class.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla model x test characteristics

The front crash test simulated a frontal impact of the car at a speed of 56 kilometers per hour. Side impact of different severity was simulated and simulated.

This model of the car is durable and easily survives such emergency situations. The concept of the car and the correct positioning of vital parts significantly increases the safety of passengers. The car is protected by a fully electric structure. Electronics is safer in the event of an accident if gasoline is combined with heavy running gear. The only heavy things in the car are batteries, but even they make the car safe. The fact is that tesla test showed excellent stability of the car in case of accident. Test drive tesla showed that in a difficult emergency the car stays on wheels and does not flip over. This was achieved by the engineers of the car construction company due to the fact that very heavy batteries are evenly located under the floor. The centre of gravity is very low and simply does not allow the vehicle to flip over.

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Tesla model x

Tesla model x

The tesla model x test showed that in a critical traffic accident all car passengers have a chance (93%) that they will not suffer serious injuries. This is a high figure, which even the world-famous car construction companies aspire to. This result was achieved due to the intelligent concept of auto. In addition to the well positioned batteries, the overall concept of the car also contributes to safety. Those places that often suffer from accidents have been redesigned so that they can absorb even the strongest impacts. In the event of a severe collision, the car is deformed outward, not inward, which increases the likelihood that a person in the cabin will suffer minimal damage.

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