Peugeot 406 Coupe

Love will come by accident…

Dimitri didn’t want a Peugeot. He has long loved Mercedes for a long time, and two Mercedes-Benz W202s, one W163 and one W140 each, visited his collection. Chevrolet Cruze was a car for every day, but at work Dmitry decided to give a service Octavia, and his Cruze began to stay in the garage for a long time. It was decided to sell it and buy something less dull instead. So at the end of last year, the search for a compartment in the 124th body began.

After examining about ten cars, Dmitry came to the conclusion that it would be too difficult to find this car in good condition. A good friend advised him to look at the Peugeot 406 with a red leather pimp’s salon, which was sold for 300 thousand. The overall condition turned out to be sad: one cylinder did not work, the mileage was twisted, and there were many other drawbacks. But the beginning of love to these cars was still put, and Dmitry began to look for such a coupe in good condition. I wanted a V6 and a manual gearbox.

The hero (or heroine?) of this publication at the time of purchase was the most expensive offer on the model as a whole, but the car was worth it: the penultimate year of production, careful summer operation, almost unrealistic home run in a hundred thousand kilometers … After a short thought the car was bought.

It is Peugeot after all!

Despite the fact that the previous owner of the coupe was very careful and drove it only on the big Church Slavonic holidays, he still had some disadvantages. And Dmitry began to get rid of them.

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First of all, he had to fix the rear bumper a little bit – it was slightly damaged while driving backwards. It’s okay: a small local repair and painting of this defect completely corrected.

Then the new owner decided to find more suitable disks. Relatives (16-inch Nautilus) did not look serious and were lost in the big arches of the wings. A new set of 17-inch discs, suitable in terms of parameters (especially the departure), were found on Avito for 18 thousand. Not quite the drain, of course, but it looks much better. And with Pininfarina caps they fit into the image of the car as harmoniously as Ringo Starr in The Beatles.

Another small flaw was found in the salon. The previous owner put an alarm system in the car, for which he safely drilled a hole in the plates of the front columns of the body under the sensors. This alarm was later removed, and the holes, of course, remained. Living with the holes was unpleasant, so I had to look for new covers. They were found in Kazan, where they successfully smashed the same car and decided to sell it by spare parts. A couple of overlays cost only one and a half thousand rubles.

Then it was time for the wiper blades. They are quite archaic here: frame brushes, and the driver’s brushes are also with a spoiler. As a result, the original brushes were found and installed.

It was not a big deal: replacement of burned out light bulbs and dry cleaning of the interior. It was not difficult.

Then there was the usual maintenance with oil and filters replacement. And since Peugeot is not an AMG Mercedes, the prices for this pleasure are sparing: five liters of oil – three thousand rubles, oil filter – 250 rubles, air – 200 rubles. And all maintenance – within four thousand.

I wouldn’t say that the next work belongs to the category of “kolkhozinga” jangtimer, but a small “umbrella” from it comes out: in the radio a digital CD-changer was implanted. However, the appearance of this thing did not spoil in any way, and the space in the trunk freed up from CDs.

That’s where “improving” the already good car was slowed down. But – for a while. There are several other positions in the plans, which it is desirable to turn into life. First, there is a slight sweating of the crankcase engine. The harmful French did not make a separate gasket, and pressed it into a pallet, so you need to change it, not a separate gasket (which is not). You can also give the pallet to specialists who can replace the gasket in it, but Dmitry tends to replace the pallet. And this is probably the right thing to do.

The valve caps sweat a little bit – it’s another patrimonial “pain” of French V6. But here everything can be solved by replacement of gaskets. After that it remains only to polish the car and to rejoice at its faultlessness.

“Allow me! – Some will say. – What about the error of the electronic gas pedal? Oh, don’t put pressure on the blistering blister! Pedal error is a family feature of these motors. Many people fight it, and only a few win. Especially since this error does not affect the speed. Strangely, it does not affect anything at all, and appears and disappears on its own. In the end, it is Peugeot, and some weaknesses are allowed to it. To the honor of the car I will notice that during our trip during the period of our trip the sensor behaved like a lamb of God and never lit a mistake.

Fruit of love of French and Italians

If I was a romantic in a torn sweater with a guitar, I’d remember a song:

The roughness of the ornate roof flows beyond the horizon.

Seventeenth quarter. Paris. A little shudder shudder umbrella.

And the woman is French, serious and cute

She’s in a hurry through the morning, she must have overslept…

But I’m not a romantic, so I found all these lines not in my memory, but on the Internet. However, they are very precise about the mood that the 406 Coupe creates – something soft, romantic, cute and serious at the same time. However, not absolutely French.

The thing is that the Italian studio Pininfarina worked on the exterior of the coupe. And outside this Peugeot is noticeably different not only from the sedan, but also from the “Frenchman” in general. The compartment headlights are noticeable already, than at the sedan, the grille between the hood and bumper was atrophied, and the air comes only through a huge air intake on the front bumper. Thus 406 Coupe does not create impression “soaping” which then, at a time of fascination with “biodesign”, was left by both “Europeans”, and “Asians”, and “Americans”. Apparently, only straight sidelines have an effect. And the compartment is too big for the image of “soaping” – after all, it is 4.26 meters long. In addition, the lack of door posts makes the car visually even longer. And at the same time it is light (but only visually: it has a curb weight of one and a half tons).

The decision of designers to refuse the mirrors painted in body color seems a little strange – they are always black. However, they do not spoil the view.

The Italians weren’t allowed to do the interior, so there’s a little difference from a sedan. In general, only seats are inside. Let’s sit in this driver’s seat and see what’s going on here.

It is difficult to say how much it was necessary to kill cattle to make such a leather interior! In my opinion, all the skin of the world was collected here, they were horrified of what they had done and switched to the use of kozhzama from the excess of repentance. The skin here is honest: it looks good and feels good. Wherever you look, he finds soft inserts everywhere. Door panels, of course, are soft and upholstered with leather. Buttons of window lifters, door handles – everything is hidden in leather folds. Even the central panel is decorated with soft leather. It seems that if you stroke the interior with your hand a little bit, you will hear sad mooing and sad cow’s eyes will look out of the ashtray. Greta Tunberg would probably have had enough condratium here, but I personally regret that such salons are not made now.

It is a pity that the plastic panels of the multimedia system and the inserts on the panel are made of grey plastic under the aluminum, dreary as the New Year’s Eve in the shelter for homeless animals. But we will not condense the paint: if this plastic is distinguished in the cabin, it does not make it look too cheap. No, everything is decent.

There’s plenty of room in the front and back. With a height of 180 cm and a set of Apollo, who stayed at my grandmother’s for too long, there was no room for me either there or there. Comfort is also promoted by a wide range of adjustments – everything is good here. At the same time, the profile of the chair does not dispose to aggressive driving: lateral support is weak, and the landing turns out to be relaxed.

The dashboard does not pull on the age – the design at it very successful and does not seem out-of-date. Unless the numbers are a bit small, but you can get used to it. Shall we start the engine?

From the bottom to the top

The soundproofing of the coupe is decent: the engine idling is not heard, although a little noble vibration is present. But it is also so much to understand that under the hood there is a V6 quite serious volume. The gearbox is manual, so we squeeze the clutch.

It seems that the second gear is also suitable for the start – the first gear has to be changed to the second one almost immediately, and the traction is enough with excess. Probably, it will be difficult to stop at the first gear. Well, what can I say: 2.95 liters of ES9J4 engine volume, its 285 Nm of torque and 207 hp. – is a pretty serious application. And there is an interesting feature: the engine is very revolving and the maximum power it gives out only at 6 000 rpm, and the moment – at 3 750. And it is possible to accelerate confidently already with two thousand! I wonder, what will happen if you spin the engine harder? Wow, yeah, we have someone raging here! After three thousand revolutions the coupe really comes to life. It hasn’t complained about the lack of dynamics before, but here it’s just vomiting and swarming! Motor behavior with good traction in the whole speed range is a pleasant surprise.

It seems that this car would be a good fit for a beginner. Very pleased with the clarity of gears, predictable and easily controlled forces on pedals, not too sharp, but clear steering. It would seem that you should ride for your pleasure. But you know what is missing here? Rear drive. Yes, it sounds strange, but in such compartment the drive should be back. But it is front, therefore character of the car turns out strange: with a fire, but without the big desire to inflate a flame from this fire. You want to drive a car, you want to drive fast – and you want, and you can, but you can’t dominate and humiliate. Maybe that’s the beauty of the French coupe, but why does it need three liters of volume?

On a wide street on the outskirts of Moscow, I slowly began to understand why I need these very three liters – just to go and not think about anything. It is a pity that there is nowhere to put your right hand – there is no armrest here. Maybe the French unbridled engineers hoped that the driver would put his hand on the lap of the companion, but the owner of the car was sitting next to me. With all due respect to Dmitry, his knee is not the knee I would put my hand on. I had to put it on mine.

The coupe suspension only confirms my assumption about the character of the car – gently, quietly, comfortably. And without a hint of sportiness or – God forbid – aggression. At the same time, there are practically no rolls in corners, attempts to wander along the trajectory – too. The rear steering suspension works very well, which slightly twists the car into a corner.

I suppose if this coupe had a slightly stiffer suspension, and the drive – the rear, the car would become much clearer. And so it is very pleasant on the move, but it is necessary to understand long in the sensations. Most likely, in this compartment it is necessary to sit together and wave to the south.

What’s next?

I remembered about the trip to the south for a reason: Dmitry had already gone there with his bride – to Abkhazia and Krasnaya Polyana. The car left the best impressions: you don’t get tired while driving, quietly, the consumption is 10 liters per hundred kilometers, which is very modest for V6. Besides, with the back seat folded in the compartment there were skis and snowboards. Grand tourismo as it is!

Plans to use the car – further careful operation. The season is coming to an end, the car will soon be in a warm parking lot until next spring.

Sale? And this is possible, but only for a good price – such a coupe needs itself!



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