BMW i3 electric car from a well-known brand


BMW i3

BMW i3

BMW i3 characteristics

The interior of a BMW car is attractive. It is very pleasant to be inside. It seems that the driver, being in the car, is literally moving into the near future. It is quiet and airy inside, especially when driving at low speeds.

The seating is high and the seats for the driver and passengers are flat, with the contour shown. But even if you have seats with unusual overestimation, you want to feel, press and touch everything in the interior of the vehicle. Considering BMW i3 cost, it looks great from seats to wheels, doors, speed and interior for driver and passenger.

View from the driver’s seat

The steering wheel’s roller regulator with a separate parking button on it looks good and works. The operating modes of the automatic transmission in a BMW vehicle are always displayed in front of the eyes. The top of the panel with the devices seems to be made of secondary raw materials. The dashboard looks great, and the fibers of the dashboard are reflected in the sun on the windshield. Save the position of the glasses with polarization at speed.


The entire interior smells like secondary dashboard materials, and this smell is particularly pleasant. A serious ergonomic miscalculation, and it touches the buttons responsible for controlling the windows. They are very close to the middle rack. To use the buttons, drivers have to turn around and bend their hands at the most unnatural geometric angles.

And the original “cigarette lighter” outlet located near the bottom of the soaring console was put in the piggy bank of the design solution. It should be noted that the socket described above is not the only one. The similar socket for its use settles down on an armrest near sitting at movement of vehicle BMW.

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The navigator cannot be hung on the front windscreen, it is located far from the driver’s seat. For the positioning of the navigator (still important), it is possible to use the cup holder when the BMW vehicle is moving.


The central display with indicators and performance indicators is nice and clear, but surprisingly, it is not a touch screen, so it is useless to smear it and drive the display with your finger. An iDrive touch selector is available if desired. The display of the dashboard occupies one third of the height of the panel. As for the rest of the space, it is occupied by control lamps.

BMW i3

BMW i3

Input of voice commands also works perfectly, where with Russian accent the machine understands two commands of the vehicle movement – traction control off and display off on the display inside the vehicle interior.

The space in the rear seats

A man with a height of 180 centimeters will sit comfortably behind the driver’s seat. He or she, with average height or height above average, can sit comfortably on the back of the seat.


The doors close and open perfectly, just like the Mazda RX8 or the Rolls Royce. The windows have no frames on the front doors, which looks stunning enough for the driver in the seat. The lack of a frame adds a little visual space if the windows on the doors are 100 percent open. But the windows are not pleasant to close, with rattling effects and plastic sounds. This is an omission of the vehicle and doors.


Driving at high speed, as well as accelerating on an electrified vehicle is quite pleasant. There is no serious trouble associated with the work of the automatic transmission. Pulling in this car is enough regardless of the selected and used mode of movement, so the pull is called flat and quite predictable when driving.

By sensations the engine is weaker, than factory engine GTI. There is no lag in the process of pressing the accelerator pedal, and if you release the accelerator pedal while driving, the recovery mode will automatically start when the vehicle significantly reduces the initial speed of movement. When decelerating, the feet on the vehicle light up.

This feature of the car has become quite justified and organic, especially for users of manual boxes. There is an impression that the car does not brake, and at once the whole engine brakes. But Golf, and V8 and V6 engines are not able to brake exactly the same way for the vehicle. An even greater advantage in the vehicle is the control and monitoring of the traction while driving.

BMW i3

BMW i3

Vehicles move well if you use urban speeds. But still periodically breaks the suspension if you drive over the hatch cover, drowned in the road for a few centimeters.

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On highways it is uncomfortable and difficult to move, especially if the speed of 100 and above. This is due to the soft suspension, and for it feels justified and justified fear, or with a small base, or with the wind. Another possible reason is narrow wheels. In general, the reasons for the uncomfortable movement can be different, but the impression is identical – the vehicle is waving all over the lane from one side to the other when moving.

It is not easy to skid a car at exits or entrances, but if it turns out to be, the car slides not with certain wheels, but with all at once. In general, the BMW is well controlled, but because of the rolls there is no desire to light up on the seat.


There is little good news here. The range is up to 130 km, but after half a distance, the machine is a strong reminder of the need for the approaching moment of refueling. The same distance of 75 can be covered with gasoline, but it will be harder for the driver to enjoy the journey in an electrified car.

The time required to fully charge from scratch takes about 60 minutes, and if you use a less fast charger, it will take about 5 hours to charge it. Charging from a standard battery takes, as if it were to take forever. Sale of BMW i3 in Russia is established, so soon and refueling of electricity and electrification will be everywhere.


In general, it is a pleasant and original vehicle, comparable in size to a Mini Cooper. It is suitable for any citizen of the Russian Federation who travels in the city for short distances. It is important to find specialized charging stations near the house/workplace, but if you use the car for driving for short distances, they are not needed. Ideal for fans of green ideas. BMW i3 price in Russia allows you to buy it for people with average income.

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