Nissan GT-R 2017. Test drive of a new Japanese


Nissan GT-R 2017 model year is something! If the last time a man had his palms sweating, when he returned from school, secretly watched films about dastish fiction, and his legs bent only from food poisoning, it means – he has not yet ridden in a supercar Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R

Already at a sight of powerful sports Nissan GT-R 2017, the hearts of connoisseurs of Nissan brand and potential racers begin to beat frantically. The person who opened the door of the monster for the first time feels that he falls into something like a “bucket”, it seems that Nissan GT R is practically lying on the asphalt with its belly. Having started the engine with a button, you feel – hair starts to move on your head, in the new Nissan GT R it is felt even by those whose top shines like a billiard ball. Doesn’t it scare you, do you want a big adventure with Nissan in half with horrors, cosmic overloads? Go ahead – try out the handsome Nissan GT-R!

The first trip on Nissan GT-R will be much cooler

It is not necessary to lose pleasure, having switched a gearbox in a mode Drive, only having sat down behind a wheel of Nissan GT-R, it is better to practice with a gas pedal, causing at new Nissan formidable roar, to remove the environment frightened by a loud roar of the engine in 555 horsepowers by a mobile phone. The effect can vary, from a lightning bolt of escape from the scene to a tight ring of admired observers around Nissan GTR exclaiming “more or less! Be sure – countless views and likes of the Nissan GT-R tested by you in the world’s most fashionable social network Instagram are guaranteed by pressing a couple of times the “nut”, the brave man behind the wheel of the Nissan GTR 2017 will get a frightened and delighted squeal of girls and a minute of fame

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Nissan GT-R: Horizontal racing

Pressing the gas, in 2.8 seconds you accelerate the Nissan GT-R up to 100 km/h. It feels like it happens faster. Sobbing with surprise and surprise girlfriend, squeezing her spine into the back of the front passenger seat, with her voice drowned out the roar of the engine of a supercar Nissan, similar to the roar of aircraft turbines.

At acceleration of Nissan GT-R up to 200 km/h, testosterone goes off the scale at the driver. Nissan passengers are girls? The smell of women’s perfume has a chance to change the smell of children’s surprise. Did you manage to shout out the roar of the Nissan GT-R engine and the sound of Bose glass rattling from the power of the sound, begging the person sitting at the helm to slow down? There is no mercy to see – the driver of monster Nissan GT-R in a new body has already felt the taste, the speedometer shooter has passed for the third hundred


New Nissan GT-R is nothing but subordination and frightening of the fair sex representatives, as well as of the one who sits behind the wheel: to drive, to own a car, to subordinate Nissan GT-R – a lover of hardcore! The leg has grown into an accelerator, the stomach stuck to a back at furious speed. Truly, driving Nissan GT-R is drive, high, feeling of absolute freedom!

Those who have changed their sex, find their emotions in cocaine, and others in Mercedes-AMG races, which run from a place up to a hundred kilometers in 3 seconds, but nothing compares to the feeling of driving a Nissan GT-R

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Meteor, a beast in the iron appearance, Nissan GT-R will not tolerate almonds, style – gas to the floor, turning the wheel – not smoothly – aggressively: riding on the Nissan GT-R will charge an indescribable energy, enter into the ecstasy of the driver and his companions, activation of the R mode, perhaps, will make you change pants. Nissan GT-R cannot help but like, admire, drive mad and wish to merge with it

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