Toyota Auris 2019 in the new body: equipment, photos


Toyota Auris is a small family car that Toyota has been manufacturing since the beginning of 2006. It was placed on the platform of its predecessor Corolla, which competes with today. A car of this brand, both new and used, of older years, can be selected and ordered from Order Cars From Japan Auctions

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This model was designed for European motorists, but it is produced not only in Europe, but also in Turkey, England and Japan. The car turned out to be quite spacious and comfortable, as well as, having a minimum level of vibration, surprisingly quiet.

The five-door hatchback working on the front drive is a typical family car, which deserves extremely positive feedback from the owners of the relevant contingent of people.

It is important to note that while the performance and appearance of the 2019 Toyota Auris is praised by both car enthusiasts and professional critics, its technical performance is poor. However, throwing away the technical nuances, you can enjoy the impressive external data of the car in the new body through photos and videos on the Internet.


The main thing that should be given special attention is not the technical characteristics, but the design and integrated design ideas of the new Toyota Auris. The machine has undergone both external and internal modernization, having received, in addition, a considerable number of electronic additions and various extensions. Each installed addition has found its own consumer and received positive feedback individually.


The appearance of the new car is a clear reference to another car of the same Japanese brand, which once was a subclass of this car. The original prototype of the Auriz model was the well-known Toyota Korolla. However, in contrast to its predecessor, the new car received unique details. Having studied the photo you can make your opinion about the new car.

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The main noteworthy features of Toyota Auris can be rightfully attributed:

  • the backlit headlights;
  • miniature radiator grille;
  • bumper with a low seat, which has an unusual shape with many curves;
  • fog lights located at the edges of the bumper;
  • streamlined, but at the same time clearly shaped, side mirrors with electronic regulators;
  • The rear part of the car is decorated with a wide luggage compartment lid;
  • All optics on the car is equipped with LED glow, regardless of equipment.
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Among all sorts of other nuances, we can note the size of the new car. Compared to previous generations, the car, which is surprising for the modern hatchback, has decreased in size. Thus, the new car has:

  • The length is 3980 mm;
  • The width is 1695 mm;
  • height – 1475 mm;
  • Clearance – 155 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2510 mm.

Among other things, the volume of the trunk of the car in the new body increased to 360 liters, with the possibility of large-scale expansion by folding the rear row of passenger seats. The dimensions of the Toyota Auris can be studied by means of appropriate photos.


Spacious salon Toyota Auris model 2019 is distinguished by high comfort and excellent ergonomics. The convenient location of the controls makes for a comfortable journey, even over long distances. In the photo you can see all the details.


The main features of the new car interior, equally, are such aspects as:

  • with rigid seating arrangements, capable of taking on different, human-friendly positions;
  • Elegant infotainment touch screen display;
  • Dashboard and controls made of high quality leather;
  • air-conditioning system;
  • Dual range steering column adjustment;
  • Powerful steering rod;
  • The dashboard’s high definition cross sections are on the dashboard indicators.

Toyota Auris has excellent reviews from owners, as he is pleased with the thoughtful design and excellent equipment. Each nuance can be studied by means of photos on the Internet.

Prices and equipment

The new Toyota Auris’s equipment and prices are directly related to each other. The manufacturer has announced that the price of the new car in European countries will range from $18 thousand to $25 thousand.

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It is important to note that the modifications, which are not the basic version, have approximately the same capacity as the top model. However, the maximum number of additional functions in the assembly is significantly increased, compared to all other modifications, because of which prices are very different.

In the 2019 Auris model year, the price and equipment predetermine the presence or absence of any additional features, as well as some elements of the exterior and interior. Photos of the maximum and minimum assembly allow you to clearly see the difference.

максимальная комплектация

After restyling, the model received climate control, anti-lock system, air conditioning and many other additions. However, due to the right equipment, the car will not be inferior to the leaders of the world car market.

Technical characteristics
Suspension and driveability

Thanks to the rigid suspension Toyota Auris fully meets the needs and condition of domestic roads. The car perfectly works out all irregularities. Therefore, even on an uneven road the driver and passengers can feel quite comfortable.

For the front suspension technology MacPherson is used, which is known for the fact that the basis of its design are shock absorber racks. The inclination of the suspension legs is very important to ensure a smooth ride. In Auris this indicator is calculated rather correctly, therefore to its owners it is not necessary to complain that each bump is felt at driving on rough road. However, such suspension is a little bit difficult and expensive in service. But at Toyota it is known enough good reliability even in severe Russian conditions. The rear suspension of the car is semi-dependent.

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Initially Auris was equipped with a torsion beam. However, later it was replaced by a multilever suspension, which perfectly suits to energetic, miniature hatchback. Clearance and pendant can be seen on the corresponding photos on the Internet. It should be noted that the clearance is very low and is only 14 cm. Therefore, the car is ideal only for trips around the city and the highway. It will seem low and uncomfortable for traveling out of town.



The vehicle is available with several different engine variants, each of which is fully compliant with European environmental standards. The most notable among them are the following versions.

Gasoline 1.2-liter engine with such characteristics:

  • The power output is 116 hp;
  • The torque is 185 Nm;
  • Mixed fuel consumption is 5.4 liters;
  • Acceleration to 100 km/h – 12.6 seconds.

Diesel 1.6-liter engine with the following indicators:

  • Power – 112 hp;
  • Torque – 270 Nm;
  • mixed fuel consumption – 5.7 liters;
  • Acceleration up to 100 km/h – 11.1 seconds.

For Toyota Auris the reviews of the owners are unambiguous, the car has high reliability, safety and comfort. The engine, as well as other cars of the series, looks brutal, as evidenced by the photo.

Important features of the new car can include such technical characteristics as:

  • Excellent engine soundproofing, which removes unnecessary noise while driving;
  • a level of safety that achieves the highest possible score in its segment;
  • The car’s suspension is designed in such a way that there is almost no discomfort on a bumpy road.

Among other things, the technical specifications concerning external aspects are also at the highest level. Thus, high ground clearance, relatively small size, a huge transformable luggage compartment, LED headlights, low prices and other nuances make the car one of the most desirable in the automotive market.

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