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Officially introduced Volkswagen Virtus is a South American version of the new Polo Sedan Volkswagen. Designers of the German automobile concern Volkswagen are constantly working to improve the production of Volkswagen cars, develop modern models in accordance with the latest production technologies, innovations in car design.

South American Polo Sedan

VolksWagen Virtus

Developed model of Volkswqagen Polo Sedan 2018-2019 Brazilian automakers presented as Volkswagen Virtus

The modern modification of Volkswagen Polo Sedan is based on a passenger car (with 1-2 inline passenger seats, a compartment door for things, a shortened overhang) of the latest design development of Volkswagen with the use of standardized components, parts of the modular transverse matrix.

The proposed sketch contains photos of Volkswagen Virtus, its cost, components, detailed engineering descriptions of the evolutionary specimen of the first-born four-door Volkswagena, specially designed for Russia.

Новый VolksWagen Virtus

The external parameters of the room for accommodation of passengers of the new Volkswagen Virtus car model leave about four and a half meters horizontally, more than one and a half meters wide, about 15 cm high

Implementation of Volkswagen Virtus is planned by the country of assembly in the first month of 2018. The Sedan car has taken its place in the German company’s modeling line in the South American car market between Volkswagen Voyage and Volkswagen Jetta. Unapproved information about the starting price of Polo Sedan in the country indicates the amount of 6500 reals (more than 1200000 rubles).

Modern developments of Volkswagen designers

The use of MQB-A0 in the development of Sedan allowed the designers:

  1. Increase the size of the mavto Volzwagen Virtus, taking for comparison the previous series of Sedan;
  2. Introduce a chassis specially designed for Volkswagen Virtus, with the familiar layout – the front power elements of the car suspension system McPherson;
  3. Install a three-cylinder gasoline powered TSI 1.0 engine with a blower on the Polo Sedan;
  4. Create a modern look for the Volkwagen Virtus 2018 coupe, while increasing reliability by adding high-strength steel to the material;
  5. Equipping the comfortable Volkswagen Virtus 2018 salon with unique equipment;
  6. Expand your Polo Sedan luggage space.
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The external parameters of the room to accommodate passengers of the new model of Volkswagen Virtus car leave about four and a half meters horizontally, more than one and a half meters wide, about 15 cm in height. The distance between the front and rear axles is 2650 mm.

The photos presented by the car manufacturer Volkswagen Virtus 2018 show increased external solidity, respectability of the Brazilian version of Virtus, which distinguishes it from previous models.

Implemented Volkwswagen enhancements

The new Polo four-door car has taken from the latest modernization of the family car Volkswagen Polo, manufactured in South America, a part of the car’s front structure, to the middle unit of parts responsible for the stability, integrity of the car, simpler headlights.

In addition – a powerful final construction Volkswagen Sedan with large components of door blocks, installed modern horizontal lighting, showing the drivers of moving traffic width of the car Volkswagen Virtus, semiconductor crystals, which are LED light sources.

Седан VolksWagen Virtus

The interior design of the new VolksWagen Virtus is taken from the Volkswagen Polo hatchback

Modern Polo Sedan Volzwagen looks like a costly car model with an outstanding front end, inspiring respect for the profile with a steel bar that gives rigidity to the construction.

Attention is drawn to the expanded rounded forging wheel cutouts, the luggage compartment lug with reduced drag coefficient, and the dimensions of Volkswagen’s lanterns that fit perfectly into the design.

The interior design of the new VolksWagen Virtus is taken from the Volkswagen Polo hatchback, excluding extended seating space, increased volume of separation of road belongings to the half cube. The previous model of Volzwagen Sedan car had 0.46 cubic meters. The internal space has been increased – the fuel storage capacity has been reduced to 52 litres.

Рулевое управление

Volkswagen body is equipped with a panoramic roof, driver, passengers are protected by 4 elastic, gas-filled, electronically controlled elastic envelopes

The modern Volkswagen Virtus salon is equipped with the most advanced equipment: Active Info Display dashboard with a 26-cm color screen, voice recognition, sound file to text converter with a 20.32-cm colorful video terminal (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Mirrorlin), which is available in the world computer system.

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There is a device that checks the distance to the front car, climate control, dividing the air between the driver and the front seat passenger. The Volkswagen Virtus is equipped with a key with an electronic block to get into the cab, a start/stop device, semi-automatic possibility of final stop. Emergency braking and pedestrian detection equipment is used while driving on the streets. In the body of Volkswagen mounted panoramic roof, the driver, passengers are protected by 4-elastic elastic shells filled with gas, electronic stability control.

The first version of the equipment Volkswagen had illuminated pointers, a conventional device that combines a tape recorder and radio, or a video order with a 16.5-centimeter display, a small amount of electronics.

Technical features Volzwagen Polo Sedan

The market is presented by Volkswagen Virtus 2018-2019 with a pair of gasoline engines and a four-cylinder atmospheric 1.6-liter engine with a capacity of 110 hp, traction characteristics 155. Working with single atomic alcohol, the new Volkswagen reaches 86 kilowatts and is equipped with 5 manual gearboxes.

Багажник седана

The truck received an atmospheric 1.6 liter, which has a power of 110 hp, traction characteristics of the engine 155

The three-cylinder engine with external pump 1.0 TSI (84.5 kW, 200 Nm) of the Volkswagen produces 94 kilowatts of power. It is equipped with 6 automatic transmissions. In 9.9 seconds, the car reaches a 100-kilometre mark. The highest speed is over 190 km/h.

Brazilian model of Volkswagen Polo Sedan, named by Virtus, began to assemble on the Volkswagen conveyor in São Bernardo do Campo. It is planned that Volkswagen Virtus 2018 assembly facilities will be located in other countries.

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