Toyota Corolla 2019-2020 Overview: Design, Specifications, Prices, Photos, Videos


The new 12th generation Toyota Corolla is very stylish, dynamic and safe. It is full of modern electronics and quite corresponds to the spirit of the time. But is there really no drawbacks in this car?

Toyota Corolla 2019-2020 - вид спереди


Previously, some have said that the “King” of previous generations is a reminder of a reduced “Toyota Camry”. At the time, this statement could still seem controversial. But with the current version of this car, you are increasingly convinced of the correctness of this definition.

Тойота Королла 2019-2020 - седан, универсал и хэтчбэк

Interestingly, previous generations of Toyota Corolla’s “Toyota Corolla” were built on their own platform, and the new car was made on a platform used in models such as C-HR and Prius. Thus, the basis for it was a modular platform with the abbreviation TNGA.

The new Corolla, compared to its predecessors, is more stocky and lower in size. At the same time, its length and width have not undergone any changes. But the car became 30 mm lower. At the same time, the front overhang of the car was underestimated, while at the back it was even slightly higher than previous models. All this in combination with a more sloping roof, gives the car a rather stocky look, which in this case is not a drawback. But it also does its similar to “Camry”, more precisely, on its somewhat reduced copy. Also interesting feature of cars of this generation it is possible to name lateral mirrors on legs.

Wheelbase of Toyota remained the same as before. But the center of gravity was lower. The suspension also underwent changes. On the cars of the twelfth generation Corolla instead of the rear beam there was a multilever. This independent suspension should improve the handling of the vehicle.

Features of the Russian version

It is noteworthy that the Russian version of Toyota Corolla will be slightly different from the European version, which is dictated by the domestic peculiarities of operation. Turkish-made machines will be delivered to our country. In this case, we will only sell sedans, although in other countries, “Korolla” will also be available now in the body of the hatchback and the universal, which was not the case with previous versions of the model.

Тойота Королла 2019-2020 - вид сбоку

“The Toyota, which will be offered to domestic buyers, will have such characteristic differences from the European assembly as

  • The increased clearance of 150 mm against the European 135 mm;
  • The cars targeted at Russian drivers will have a larger washer tank. It will be 4.8 litres;
  • Increased power of rear window heating taking into account the cold Russian climate;
  • Additional air ducts for passengers sitting at the back.
Toyota Corolla 2019-2020 - Передняя оптика (фары)
Toyota Corolla 2019-2020 - Задняя оптика (фары)


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While the previous versions of the Toyota Corolla inside looked somewhat modern and ascetic, the new generation literally surprises us with electronic innovations and advanced technical solutions.

Corolla 2019-2020 - Приборная панель

The first thing that strikes your eye as soon as you are in the cabin of the new “Corolla” is the huge display of the multimedia system. However, the given option will be inaccessible in a base complete set of the car in which on a place of the screen there is only a plug. The colour display has on a diagonal seven inches. Thus also there is also a ten-inch projection display that became the real breakthrough for the car of the given class. The multimedia system has two USB inputs, bright decorative lighting in the top equipment. But in the Russian version of the “Corolla” will not be a navigator, as well as protocols Apple and Android. Therefore, drivers will have to install their smartphones on the dashboard in the old way. The top-of-the-range models also have a wireless charger for the phone.

Security and multimedia

The new generation of the “Corolla” amazes our imagination with many modern electronic options. Safety Sense 2.0 is a complete system that includes dual-zone climate control, lane retention, automatic braking and much more. The machine is truly “smart”. It is able to inform the driver of his fatigue, as well as provide information on all road signs. And the climate control recognizes the presence of passengers in the car and where exactly they are. That’s why all the air goes only to places where there are people.

Королла 2019-2020 - Интерьер - Мультимедийная система

It was also the first time that this Toyota model had a dynamic rear-view camera, which made backfacing much easier. This is a very important function, given the size of the car. Now parking in a limited space has become much more convenient and faster.


The interior decoration seems very stylish, modern and, at the same time, laconic and modest. But it is difficult to call the interior itself very convenient. The front seats have rigid headrests and are mounted quite high. In addition, the backrest has no side support. Therefore, when driving long distances, the driver and front passenger are likely to get very tired.

Тойота Королла 2019-2020 - Интерьер - Сиденья

And the back passengers, too, aren’t likely to be much more comfortable. After all, the car’s ceiling has turned out to be quite low, which can cause special discomfort for people of high height. In addition, the rear doors do not open very wide, which also many passengers may not like.

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An interesting feature of this car is that the backrest of the front seat is installed only one pocket. And this option is available only in the top versions of the car. It is also difficult to reach the button of seat heating, especially from the strange habit. It has to be literally searched.

The trunk

You should also look in the trunk of the car. It has become larger and now has a capacity of 470 litres. It should hold everything you need. Here you can easily transport not only travel bags and bags, but also a bicycle, prams, bulky sports equipment. Under the luggage compartment floor, there is a repair kit for cars intended for the European market. And Russian versions received a full spare wheel.

Technical characteristics
Engine and gearbox

“The latest generation of Corollae will be offered with both a variator and a traditional manual transmission. In addition, the Japanese carmaker, which is known to take care of the global environment, will produce such cars not only with conventional gasoline engines, but also with hybrid ones.

Toyota will be sold in the following versions:

Hybrid 1.8 liters engine with 122 hp, which is not available to Russian drivers;
Hybrid 2.0 hp engine with 180 hp, which can also be bought only in Europe;
Gasoline atmospheric engine of 1.6 liters with 122 hp.

It is the latter option that will be the only one available in Russia. Thus in our country it is possible to buy “Toyota”, both with a variator, and with a mechanical transmission.

Toyota Corolla 2019-2020 - Белая

This version turned out to be quite normal for the city cycle. But in the countryside the engine paired with a variator seems weak. The engine starts to cry already on rather small turns. Thus even 90 km/h seems for such machine practically limiting speed. Further it accelerates not too fast. Therefore, overtaking on such a car seems quite problematic. And the engine roar is incredible! The only positive thing about the atmosphere of 1.6 liters for Russians is that it can run on 92 gasoline without any harm.

Despite the fact that in Europe it is expected that about 80% of sales of Corolla of the twelfth generation will be on hybrid modifications, in Russia such cars will most likely never be officially sold.

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Suspension and behaviour on the road

Toyota Corolla, as expected, turned out to be quite a rolling car. But at the same time it behaves confidently on the road. In corners the car does not roll and quietly keeps a trajectory. It differs rather smoothly and easily overcomes unevenness. Now, when driving on an uneven road, drivers do not have to experience shocks in the steering wheel, as the steering rack received a damper. This is especially important for Russian drivers, most of whom will have to operate their vehicles on roads that are not ideal as abroad.

Despite the fact that the car looks more aggressive and, as it were, close to sports uniforms, its aerodynamics leaves much to be desired. But for a car of this class it is not the main factor. In fact, it is designed most of all for a more quiet ride and is designed for people who do not want to prove anything to anyone on the road. They have long proved everything to everyone and only emphasize their high status.

Complete sets and prices in Russia

Toyota Corolla - Комплектации

The latest generation of this model of the popular Japanese car turned out to be very stylish and equipped with the latest technical ideas. But also its price for this reason has increased significantly. In Russia, the cost of such a car starts from about 1,173,000 rubles. And if you are lucky, you can buy “Toyota” for such money only in the basic configuration, which does not differ with a chic set of functions, and with the ICPC. The car with a variator will manage to cost buyers approximately on 200 000 rubles more expensively. And those who wish to get “Korolla” only in the maximum complete set, it is necessary to pay for not less than 1 700 000 rubles.

But is it worth saving for the new Corolla? The car, of course, turned out to be of high quality and good quality. But the price for it, as it seems, is a little overstated. After all for much smaller money it is quite possible to look to itself, for example, Skoda Octavia or Kia Cerato. They cost cheaper at practically the same set of functions. But to buy or not to buy a new creation of Japanese – everyone, certainly, decides for himse

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